We have our niche and the next natural step in the process of building a business online is to be creating a website of our very own. And at Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member you are going to be able to create two free websites and as a premium member you can create unlimited sites and you can also host your own domains.

Umm... but to access th-the website builder and to be able to build your website, you're simply going to click "Build My Website" within the side menu here. I'm actually already on the page and then at the top here you're going to see a big button that says "Create a New Website". So we're going to be wanting to click that.

Down below here you're going to notice "Website Name" and "Admin Login" and "Action". It's going to be empty if you haven't already created a website, umm... but basically this is where your websites are going to go umm... wants you create them and it's going to provide you with the details of all the websites you've created.

So what we are going to do -be doing here, is I'm going to be walking you through the process of creating a website, umm... showing you how to choose a domain uhh.. website name and choose a theme and I'm going to be walking you through the process of, of how to log into your actual site and where to find the details. So without further adieu I'm going to get right into things and we're going to be building a website.

Building Your Website (1:22)

So the first thing we're going to need to do is click the "Create a New Website" button and this is going to take us directly into the website builder uhh... where we're going to be building our websites using our domain, naming our site and choosing our theme. Umm... so it's a four step process and it's very quick umm... and a lot, a lot is going on behind the scenes but we've made, created this in a way that is very easy to understand and very easy for you to create a website.

So the first step is to choose the type of website that you want to build. Uhh... you have the choice between a free or if you're a premium member you can also you do-domain here at Wealthy Affiliate. Ummm... but, but as a starter yo-you can create two free websites uhh... using the free website builder.

So what we're going to do is we're going to select "A Free Website". As a premium member you get unlimited websites and unlimited premium domains which is your, like your own dot-coms umm... that you own yourself.

So I-I just wanted to mention that before I move on here.

Uhh... so... what, the first thing we're going to do here is choose a domain, a domain name. This is going to be based on the niche, uhh... that we've already selected in the past training and we want to make our domain name relevant to the niche. It doesn't necessarily have to have a keyword within it, it can be brandable. It just needs to be relevant to the niche that we've selected uhh... so you know, if-if your niche was dog training you'd want this to be relevant to dog training.

So I'm going to choose something that's relevant to losing weight. Uh, so I'm going to choose "weightloss" umm "strategies". So as you can see that's available. Uhh... when I had just "weightloss" in there, uh... I'll just go back, you can see that, that was taken so as you type in your domain name it's going to tell you whether it's availabe or taken. Uhh, so obviously it's taken you're going to have to take something else so "weightlossstrategies" I'll choose that as my domain.

Umm... so that's relevant to my niche, if my niche was weight loss and that's perfectly fine. One thing that I wanted to mention is that a lot of people tend to put dashes between their words. I don't recommend doing that. It will actually, it will actually lead to less rankings in Google.

Siterubix naturally has pretty good rankings in Google, so it's going to give you a boost to begin with, but if you put dashes in your subdomain it's going to lead to, to lower rankings.

Also, don't try to put uhh... numbers or, or periods or weird characters within their as well because uhh... those aren't good as well and, and, uh... the only characters allowed in an actual domain name are alphanumeric uhh... so if I try to type in percenta-an ampersand per se, umm... it's going to throw a warning because that's not allowed. So, uh that's just something I wanted to mention so, uhhh, so you want to choose your domain name, no spaces and no dashes and that's good.

So the next step is to choose a name for your website. So we're just going to use the actually gramatically correct version of our domain name. This is what I suggest you do with yours regardless of what your domain name is, you would want to make it the correct way you would, uh, write this in terms of gramatically correct. So "Weight Loss Strategies" represents the "weightlossstrategies" no space up here and then it's really as easy as that you don't have to put any more thought into this ummm and this can be changed down the road.

I-I also wanted to mention that once you create a domain, after you've gone through this process, you can't actually change the URL of your website after the fact. Ummm, so it, you know, make sure you choose something that you want because you're not going to be able to change it down the road. You can delete a website and create a new one if you want, ummm, but you can't change this and make this "weightlosstechniques" later down the road on the fly. I would have to delete it and recreate it.

So that's the first two steps. Step 3 is going to be choosing a look for your website. These are also known as "themes" umm... or templates so as a starter member you are going to have access to 12 different templates here at the top and as you scroll down you're going to see other templates that are premium members only.

And in fact there is over 1800 different themes umm... availabe to you here as a premium member. So if you're interested in a wider selection you might want to consider going premium umm... in particular if you're considering building a number of different websites or if you want something that's, that's more specific to you, but we've hand-picked these twelve for starters to use and these are all excellent themes to use as well and we've chosen themes that aren't too dificult to work with and yet are aesthetically good looking and will, will serve you very well.

So, I'm going to choose a theme here. So you simply choose a theme by clicking on it. Uh, you can also favorite themes, you can see the details, you can also see the demo of the theme before you choose it, but to click the theme you just select it.

That's the three steps and my website is actually ready to go now. At the bottom here you're going to see, you're going to see the different aspects of my website. You're going to see I've chosen the name, the URL, and then you're going to see my theme over here.

Umm, and then step 4 is to build your site. So you're going to see this big, blue button at the bottom "I'm Ready To Build My Website Now". You're simply going to click that when you're ready to build your site.

And it's going behind the scenes here, and it's creating your website. It's installing it, it's installing your theme, umm... it's installing some plug-ins to help support your theme and to make your website run more efficiently. There's a lot going on and we've saved all the technical aspects of creating a website and we've created a really easy to use website builder here at Wealthy Affiliate and I think you're going to really love it and, uh, find it really easy to use.

So that, it's as easy as that. I've created my website now and at the top here you're going to see your "Access Details". So your "Domain Name" that's, you click that if you want to go visit your website. That's the direct URL to your website.

"Administration Page" that's the page you are going to go to to login to your adminstration area where you'll be going to edit your website and to start working on it. Ummm, Admin Name-Username and Password those are your login details for the admin area. And down below here you're going to see what's being installed in your website and what's offered to you.

So as a Starter member we, we install four umm within your site so these extend the functionality of your website. We've got an SEO plugin, an analytics plugin, a-a spam protection plugin, and a, a menu based plugin and we've also included, uh, some website perfomance.

So we have server monitoring added, spam protection, hacking protection, and up time monitoring. But there's also all these options over here that are available to premium members, uh, like the ability to install more plugins.

There's over, like 28,000 plugins I believe, umm, that you can extend, umm, your website functionality with. Uh, don't quote me on that but I know it's in the tens of thousands, um, you can access all themes as a premium member.

Um, you can move your websites from one domain to the other as a premium member. And you can also, you also have access to 24/7 dedicated support, backups, uh website clones all these sort of other features as a premium member. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but just know they're available if you do decide to go premium down the road.

So, there we go. I've created my website. I'm just going to quickly show you how to login to your website and then I'm going to show you where you access all your website details down the road if you ever need to access them.

So, that's the website building process and I'm going to get into the other stuff here.

Accessing Your Website (10:15)

First off, I'm going to show you how to access your domain name. You simply click the link here and it's going to open up your website. You can see here's my weight loss strategies website. It's all just sample content. There is no content here yet because we haven't added any and we will be getting into that in subsequent lessons, but uh, but yeah, here's my template. It looks, looks wonderful. You can see I've got a menu up there. Umm, and just some stuff down the side here.

So that's my website and that's how you access it. You simply click that and your website should be live right away after you build it. Umm, sometimes, you know, there can be a little, a few minutes delay. So if you click that and it doesn't load umm... that can be why. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to install. Um, so, just don't worry about that if it does happen.

So, to access your administration page and to login to the admin area you simply click the administration page here and this is going to take you off to your wordpress login. So I'm going to then, then I'm going to want to copy and past my admin username and my password and then this is going to take me into... So my username is always going to be admin initially and then your password you're going to retrieve and you're going to click login.

And just make sure when you copy your password, that when you copy and paste it, that you don't add an extra space because if I added that extra space there you see, it wouldn't work properly. So just make sure you don't grab any extra space and there you go I'm in the backend.

The backend is the backoffice of my website and this is where I'm going to be creating content and this is where I can do a lot of different things, um, which we will be getting into.

So that's how you, uh, access your site from this initial page that you land on, but down the road you won't have access to this page. This is just the page you go to after you create your site.

To access your website details going forward you're going to be wanting to click the "Build My Website" page and then you're going to see your website's been added to the list here, um, your admin login page. So if you click this it will take you directly to your site. If you click this it will take you to your login page, and to get the details of your website and how to login, you're going to click the details there and it will take you back here.

So, um, so that's how you access your website and if you wanted to delete this website you would click this button here. I'm not going to do this now because I want to keep this site. Umm, but if you did want to delete your site and free up room for another one you could do that over here.

So, that's, that's the walk-through of building a website. There's nothing, nothing more to it. It takes, you know, all the technical stuff has been taken out of your website, out of the website creation process and it's, it's very easy to do, um, using the website builder here, uh, at Wealthy Affiliate.

So, if you do have any questions or comments or need a hand with any of this, um, please do leave, uh, you comments or questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks.

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