Hello everybody, Kyle here from Wealthy Affiliate. Today

I would like to discuss niches with you and I'm going to be showing you how to come up with a niche. But before I get going, I really want to explain what a niche is because a lot of people get confused by the term and they really end up over thinking what a niche actually is.

(00:28) So here I am on dictionary.com and in respect of a business, a niche is a distinct segment of a market so in other words it is an audience.

(00:39) If someone is looking to lose weight, that is a niche. If someone is looking to fix their computer that has a virus that is also a niche. If someone’s looking to make money online, that’s a niche. If someone’s looking to train their dog, that’s a niche.

00:53 So absolutely every audience is a niche and as a consumer I am involved in a lot of different niches. I buy mobile phones, I buy things for my home, I buy vehicles, I buy a lot of different things online and so those are all niches and as a marketer you can target those segments specifically and you can create entire online businesses as a result of them, which I am going to be getting into. (01:26) I just quickly wanted to explain what a niche was. Don't get confused by the term because anything with an audience can be a niche. I think if you think of it in that respect, it will simplify the process of getting your website and your business up and running online.

(01:48) So the next thing I am going to do is help you come up with some niche ideas and show you where to find niches if you haven’t got one, and I'm also going to point you in the direction of a pre-chosen or preselected niche if you don’t want to come up with your own niche. So, I am going to get into that right here.

(02:08 talking during title display) How Can I earn Money Within a Niche

So one of the biggest questions you likely have particularly if you're new to being online is 'how you’re going to make your money within a niche?' (02:15) And there are a lot of responses to this question because once you get your website up and running; which we cover in the next lesson, there are so many ways that you can actually earn revenue from a niche, but one of the most common ways to earn money from a niche is by promoting other people’s products and services through what is called an affiliate program.

(02:40) One of the biggest affiliate programs in the world that allows you to promote millions of products online is Amazon.com: it's the Amazon’s Associates Program. So for example you can promote absolutely anything on their website and earn a 6-8% commission depending on how much you sell.

(03:02) So, say I wanted to be within the baby clothing niche. I know a lot of you probably have small children out there or know of small children and you know this might be your niche, maybe you're interested in baby clothing and you want to create a website around it. Absolutely, you can create an entire business out of this and that is done through creating content within that niche, on your website and then promoting affiliate programs and products and services within that.

(03:40) There is actually hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs that you can promote and I shall just give you a quick example here -

(03:51) so if I wanted to promote affiliate programs in the baby niche, baby clothes niche, so I would type in "affiliate program + baby clothes" and I do a search and you will see there are pages and pages of affiliate programs related to baby clothing. (04:12) So here is one, BabyCenter, which is one of the most popular baby sites. It has a baby clothing affiliate program.

(04:24) And then if I go down to here there is an affiliate program directory for baby or children with a ton of different affiliate programs there as well. So as you can see there are a lot of things that you can promote. But the key is getting your niches in place first and choosing your audience. And my recommendation is to always choose something that you’re interested in or interested in learning about because it’s going to make it seem like a lot less work when you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

(05:00) So the first thing is you want to do is choose a niche and I'm going to be showing you some techniques that you can do for choosing that actually niche and getting up and running and I'm also going to give you an alternative, so if you're watching this and you're like I don't know what niche I'm interested in or I don't really have any interests, I'm going to show you how you can get running without having to choose your own niche as well.

(05:32 talking during title display) Choosing Your Niche (Don’t Overcomplicate!)

So as I said Amazon is a great place to come up with a niche. You're going to be able to search through tens of thousands of categories and see millions of products and every single product could be an actual niche. (05:45) Baby swim clothing that could be a niche or you could be a bit broader – baby clothing could be a niche. Boy's baby clothing could be a niche. Girl's baby clothing could be a niche as well. Baby dresses could be a niche.

(06:04) There are a lot of sub-niches within an actual niche and believe it or not you can be highly profitable within any one of these smaller segments as well. You need to realize that there are two billion people online. It’s not like a Mom and Pop shop on the corner of your downtown street anymore. You have access to billions of people online who are searching for this stuff every day and if you can effectively connect with these people you can create entire businesses out of it.

(06:34) And that’s what we’re going to be covering later on in the training how you can get in touch with these people but it’s going to come down to choosing your initial niche. So Amazon, a great thing you can do on Amazon, sorry let me just get to the homepage here (06:51); you can look through all their categories and come up with something that you’re interested in through there – like I said the baby clothes is just one example.

(07:00) But maybe you're into boating and water sports or outdoor exercise and fitness. Maybe you're into music or movies, different types movies or different genres of movies. Maybe you are into video games. You know everything has an audience and everything is considered a niche. And you can be highly profitable and you can create a full time business from pretty much any niche imaginable and you don't need to be in multiple niches at one time.

(07:34) Another website that I'm quickly going to run you through here is called Dmoz.org. And that is a site dedicated to well it is an open directory project (I know that doesn't mean a lot to you) but basically it is a great place to go and find niches and you can go start at a high level. So these would be very broad niches and something I wouldn't recommend choosing. In this case like sports – far too generic.

(08:05) I would probably dig down into something like basketball and then something else like coaching. So basketball coaching would be an excellent niche. You can disregard these numbers over here (08:15). These aren't any meaningful data. It just means how many sub-niches there are within this niche or how many items. There is woman's basketball, basketball training, and basketball science – so these are all niches in themselves.

(08:35) And then there’s products that you could promote: basketball books and videos, basketball collectables, fantasy basketball games, basketball video games. So once you have selected your niche this can also give you ideas as to things that you can promote. And there is also you know you can go off and do that little trick I showed you for finding affiliate programs. And you can find affiliate programs for all that sort of stuff.

(09:02) So if you wanted to find basketball affiliate program. Just type it in like this "basketball + affiliate program" and again we are going to get into affiliate programs and that sort of stuff a bit later on in the training. You don't want to worry about what you're going to promote yet because you want to choose your niche, you want to get your content, and then you want to start incorporating promotions. (09:25) As you can see even NBA.com has an affiliate program where they will pay you. There is Ballers Institute. There is an affiliate directory that gives you a list of a bunch of different basketball affiliate programs.

(09:38) So you know regardless of any niche that you get into there is going to be a ton of things you can promote so never worry about choosing a niche with no opportunity because there is opportunity in absolutely any niche and there is even opportunity if there is nothing to promote through advertising and that sort of thing; all stuff that is covered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

(10:04) But first and foremost you want to go through this and you want come up with a niche and choose your starting point niche so do that, go through Amazon go through Dmoz and see if you can come up with a niche if you can't that is completely fine as well. I'm going to show you next your starting point if you don't have any interests and you don't come up with a niche that you're all that interested in and I'm going to show you where you can go to get training to promote a specific niche that is already pre-chosen.

(10:42 displayed title) Stuck for Niche Ideas? No Problem...

(10:47) The last thing I want you to do is to spend days coming up with a niche; if you can't find a niche within the first ten or fifteen minutes of looking, you know you can search for an hour if you want to try and come up with a niche that's your starting point, then I do suggest that you consider the affiliate bootcamp. And this is choosing the "internet marketing" or "make money" niche and its going to walk you through how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

(11:12) So this is excellent training and if you choose this then you will break out of this course here and you will start doing this course (11:21). and this is going to be walking you through all the steps on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and how to promote products within the make money industry so if you think that is something that would be of interest to you, this is absolutely awesome training it's got several phases right now, I think there are four or five phases and these are being built out all the time;

(11:44) And this is definitely a way that you can create your own business within the make money niche as an affiliate and I walk you through absolutely all the steps and all the training that you need to get rolling in the right direction. So if you find that you are spending too much time coming up with a niche absolutely head over to the affiliate bootcamp, you're going to love this training and that should be your niche starting point and again you can always change a niche in the future.

(12:19) If you don't like the niche that you have selected, you can move on to a completely different niche. You can use your second website or if you're a premium member you get unlimited websites. We have a lot of members here in multiple niches but I do recommend that you start off with one niche. You only need to be within one niche to be very successful online and to run a full time business.

(12:45) And often times you will be more successful if you focus on a singular niche because then you can become great at something instead of mediocre at five or six niches which doesn't really lead you to a ton of success. All the very successful folks that I've worked with online and from my own personal experience are those that focus on one niche and focus on becoming great at it and creating a brand within that niche.

(13:15) So I hope this has really clarified the niche aspect and what it is and the fact that it is just an audience and anything can be a niche. And you can profit within any niche but if you do have any questions about niches I'd be more than happy to help you out; or if you want to throw some ideas out there as to what your niche starting point is or what niche would be better for you to start with just leave a comment below and I'll be more than happy to help you out. So happy niche hunting to you and I hope this tutorial has helped you out and after you finish this lesson move on to the lesson because you're going to be creating your website in this niche.

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