There are three types of Pinterest boards: public boards, group boards, and secret boards. The first two are the most important for you.

SECRET BOARDS - I will tell you that they are your personal boards, in which you can collect pins that personally inspire you or the posts you want later to read.
Nobody but you can`t see these boards.

PUBLIC BOARDS - Your own personal boards, which you will organize on various topics. As I said, stick to one basic theme - the niche for your site.

If you think about your site as a book, then the public boards of the chapters of this book.

In your public boards (also called "personal" boards), you will set up your pins, but also the pins you find on Pinterest and match the themes of these boards.
My advice is that it is at the beginning, for each pin you put on a board with a link to your site, place 1 other. As your account grows, this ratio can be changed to 80% -20% in favor of your pins.

Also, public boards also provide a great SEO opportunity, because it is necessary for each board to write a description. Description = keywords :)

To create a board, simply go to Pinterest> Your Profile> Boards> Add New.

When you start your Pinterest account, it is good to instantly create at least 10 personal boards that are relevant to your niche.

But, think well before you create them!
If your site is a book, what would be the chapters of that book?

If you already have an old account, review all your existing boards and make sure they're connected to your audience and your niche. (do not forget, be relevant If you are a financial blogger, avoid creating recipes and fashion pins).

The most important of all your personal boards is your "Website Main Board ". This is a board where you will ONLY place pins from your site.
You can give her the name: "BEST OF - YOUR SITE NAME".

Since Pinterest has a drag & drop feature, you can place this board first in your account.

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