Pinterest Group Boards are similar to personal boards, but they have more contributors. That means that more people add pins to one board, which has a specific theme.

You can recognize a group board because there are multiple participant profile views in the corner.

Each group board has one person, who is an administrator. To be on group boards, you must first be called and accept a call (similar to the Facebook group). Calls for Group boards are located in the upper right corner (3-point picture).

How Are Pinterest Group Boards Important For You?

If you have one thousand followers and join a group board that belongs to someone who has 10 thousand followers, any Pins you add to the board will now appear in the home feed of your thousand followers and 10 thousand followers of the group administrator!

Any additional contributors just bring in more potential exposure to every Pin in the board and more traffic for your blog. For this reason, share your OWN content there.

IMPORTANT: Most Pinterest group boards have a reciprocity rule. It`s something like “for each pin added, repin a pin from this board”.
This creates a platform of mutual sharing, where you don’t only benefit from the exposure of adding your pins there, but also you are seeing good engagement from other group contributors.
Sogroup boards allow you to drastically expand your Pinterest reach!

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards?

First, you need to find at least 10-20 group boards. If you find more and join them, it`s Ok. You can never join too many, don`t worry! You need to join to Group Boards that are in the same niche as you. Because their followers are interested in that niche!

  • One way is to find persons that are in the same niche as you. Go to their profile (make sure you select the “Boards” overview when you land on their profile) and scroll down to find group boards. Open it in a new tab all group boards that seem relevant to you. In the board description, you will find rules and explains how to join that board.

  • The second way is to go to You can search boards by their title or description, and find relevant boards in your field.

How To Apply for Pinterest Group Boards?

Like I wrote, each group board has a different requirement for how to apply. To find out what is needed to join a board, simply read the board description and follow the instructions found there.

Most of admits will ask to follow them. You will find admins because they are always at first image that appears in the corner. Go to their profile and follow them. 
Some of them will ask you to send them an email to join their Boards. You need to be patient. They probably get tons of emails every day, so you need to wait couple days or week to get an invitation for that group board.

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