Many of you, who read my post: 200K Monthly Viewers on Pinterest!
asked questions about Pinterest and how Pinterest can help you bring visitors to your website.

Many of you have expressed a desire for basic training to explain how Pinterest works from the very beginning (for those who do not have an account or have, but they do not know what to do with it).

This training will have several parts because it is very widespread, and I will start with the most basic things.

If this part is known to you and you already have a Pinterest account, I still advise you to read it, because in April of this year (2018) Pinterest made some changes and it would be useful for you to get acquainted with them.

In this part of the training we will go through the following topics:

- What's Pinterest?
- What is Pinterest Profile and how make one?
- Set Up your Pinterest profile.
- What is Pinterest Boards and How to Create Them?
- How to Find and Apply for Group Boards?
- Let`s take action!

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Nkaujzeb Premium
Hi Jalena,
Great tutorial. Well I seems to be having a little problem pinning from pinterest lately.

Before, I can just pin from pinterest when it asked me which website I will be using. I would then pin the related image from my website and viola, done.

Now, when I do that I only get the same images and I can't pin my latest post, anymore. The only way I can pin it to pinterest now is to go directly into my post and share it from there.

I did however put up a landing page and put all my post in my blog tab. I noticed that it started with the issue after that. And, I like my website as is for now.

I even tried website name dot come/blog and nothing.

Is there something I'm not doing or is there even a fix?

JelenaBB Premium
Hi Kelyee,
I`m sure that problem is on the site, not on the Pinterest site. Did you change your social media widget?
One of the solutions can be to install Tailwind toolbar, so you can click from any page you are on and pin directly to Pinterest.
Nkaujzeb Premium
I will have to check that out thanks :D
sglandry Premium
What a great trainng lesson.Thank You! so much. Pinterest is for sure in my sights.

JelenaBB Premium
You`re welcome,
Steve :)
celiacman Premium
Thank You
This gives us all a very good idea how to use Pinterest to boost our traffic, so many of us have never used Pinterest before so this helps so many members

Great Training
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you,
MKearns Premium
Bookmarking your training Jelena. Thank you
JelenaBB Premium
You`re welcome!
dlum11 Premium
I wanted to thank you for your offer to help.All this is new to me so it's been quite a challenge and a little frustrating. But I'm still here trying to understand how everything works. So I'm going dive in and see I'll let you know.
Again thank you so much Doug
JelenaBB Premium
I can't wait to let me know if this training helped you!