Let's prepare you the Business Pinterest Profile so that it looks attractive to visitors, increase your chances of finding you at Pinterest, and therefore get more visitors to your site.

  1. Sign in to your new Pinterest Business Account, and in the top right corner go through the profile icon and click Settings.
  2. Here you will upload a profile photo - the best size: 165 x 165 pixels.
    It's best to be your profile image, which you use on the site and on other social networks, even here at WA, for people to recognize. Yes, it can also be your logo from your site.
  3. Fill out the section "About you" - here you have limited space characters, so be wise.
    Try to get people interested in your site with just a few words. They also have to be keywords for Pinterest search.
  4. Add your business location
  5. Then click the Save Settings button.

As I wrote Pinterest is a search engine, so, when you fill out the "About You" section, be careful when choosing keywords, because this can have an impact on your entire Pinterest account.

Remember that these keywords have a ranking and affect other searches.

For example: if someone is searching for a "purple prom dresses" board, whose board is to pop up in the results? Someone named "Julle - the most beautiful prom dresses" or "Molly"?

Your Pinterest account name should do two things:

  1. Tell people what your profile is all about.
  2. Get new people to find your account by adding relevant keywords there.

Before you finish your profile, type the keywords you use in the Pinterest browser and see how other people's profiles look. You will probably get some inspiration on how to improve your Pinterest profile.

Also, follow these people (click Follow on their profile). By following other people from your niche, you increase your visibility and you will quickly see that the number of followers on your profile will increase.

I advise you to follow of 10-20 new people from your niche daily.

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What a great trainng lesson.Thank You! so much. Pinterest is for sure in my sights.

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Thank You
This gives us all a very good idea how to use Pinterest to boost our traffic, so many of us have never used Pinterest before so this helps so many members

Great Training
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Bookmarking your training Jelena. Thank you
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You`re welcome!
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I wanted to thank you for your offer to help.All this is new to me so it's been quite a challenge and a little frustrating. But I'm still here trying to understand how everything works. So I'm going dive in and see I'll let you know.
Again thank you so much Doug
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I can't wait to let me know if this training helped you!
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Thank you, Jelena, it's very good training.