Last page, I gave you some insight into analyzing your campaigns, in particular using Google Analytics. In order to refine a campaign though, your PPC campaigns require testing. Testing allows you to refine your campaign and ultimately improve your campaign conversions and overall earnings.

Campaign Tests allow you to tweak...

Tweaking your campaign can significantly improve your overall success. By this point you should be achieving positive return on investment, but because your campaign is fairly new, there are ways to increase your ROI. You can add more keywords, change your ad copy, create a landing page of your own, remove keywords that are costing you a lot of money, increase your max cost per click, and more.

As you learn more about Internet marketing, you will find new techniques to increase your overall ROI. Of course that's where Wealthy Affiliate comes in! The idea is to keep as much money you can in your pocket (and out of Google's), and to achieve the highest possible.

There are 4 campaign tests that are suggested that all marketers regularly implement and incorporate into their campaign development activities:

Test 1: Ad Writing Test

This is a test to create two or more competing ads. What you will want to do is set-up two ads, linking to the exact same destination URL, for the exact same ad group. Then you will want to run these ads in parallel to determine which ad achieves a higher CTR.

You can test things like "call-to-action" phrases, using question marks, using the exact keywords, smaller and upper case, etc. Be creative. Some of the most unlikely ads that you create will often times become the best in terms of CTR. Avoid the use of "free" however if you are not offering something for free. This can lead to unwanted traffic (freebie seekers).

Test 2: Keyword CTR Test

This is a test of one to many different keywords and their correspond CTR. Often times your ad groups will have too many keywords within them and some of the keywords will be low performing. By simply keeping an eye on the keywords, you can determine which ones may need to go into their own ad group. Ideally, you want your keywords to have a 5% or greater CTR. If a keyword has over 100 impressions and has not received a click, something should be done about this keyword.

Test 3: Landing Page Length of Stay

If someone comes to your site and leaves within 5 seconds, your landing page does not do a very good job. That is why it is good to have some data on the visitor "length of stay" (LOS).

Again, in order to perform this test, you will need to add Google Analytics to your web page. You can do this within your free Google Analytics account.

All you need to have is either an Adwords account (which you may have by now), or a free Google Account. You can test many things outside of visitor length of stay, however this one is critical to determine how effective your website is in respect to captivating the audiences interest.

Test 4: Landing Page Click-through

To perform this test you do not need much. You simply need to compare your traffic to actual click-throughs within your Google Analytics account for particular pages.

The better the click-through rates (to your affiliate links or your offer) the better. You can run different types of tests between different pages on your site to determine which types of offers and landing pages work the best for you niche. Then once you have found the perfect mix, you want to model your other landers off of the best performers.

Keeping an eye out...

If you keep a close eye on the above metrics within your campaign, you will be able to further refine your campaigns so they are running optimally! By integrating testing into your development process, you will always be further ahead than if you don't test (have a blindfold on).

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