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I and my family have lived in Arizona for more than 25 years. And yes, it's frickin' HOT!
As a financial advisor for 10 years things have been pretty good...until recently. The economy has decimated the insurance industry and alas, I have always been waiting for an excuse to delve into the vast pool of internet dollars anyway. As K&C keep saying, "There is plenty to go around" (or something like that). Well, I'm ready for a new adventure that will stretch my mind, my creativity & my wallet!
I'm really looking forward to taking the first steps into IM and being a part of this great community of "internet entrepreneurs"!
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TJ Books Premium
Welcome! Click on my pic to reply. To succeed, ask questions and get to know the top people on the forums. We lived in Payson for six years. Left five years ago. John
adryheat Premium
Just starting...still a little skeptical, but also hopeful and excited!
shannonno1 Premium
just wanted to welcome you and say that's a great profile pic and eye catcher:-) much success to you here at W.A.
adryheat Premium
Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate the sentiment.