Let's not confuse the term landing page, as many people do.

A landing page is simply a page that people land on. This page could be a page within your website, an article, or a page within someone else's website...any page really.

To become good at PPC, you ideally want to send people that click on your ad to a targeted landing page on YOUR OWN website. Having the controls of a website is critical because you have the freedom to create any content that you like, and more importantly to create targeted landing pages for your content. Having your own landing pages also gives you the freedom to test, add analytics, and to refine your pages so they convert at an optimal rate.

Where do You Go to Create a Site?

That is all fine and dandy, but how exactly do you go about creating a website. Many of you will likely already have experience building web pages, but on the same token, many of you will not. We do have a website creation tool here at Wealthy Affiliate called Wordpress Express, it simplifies the install of your website making it a 3 click process.

Check out Wordpress Express

We also offer state of the art, redundant, hosting, WA Hosting! Really the only expense for you to set-up a website will be the purchase of a domain which is under $8 per year (in most cases).

Remember the flow of a successful PPC campaign.

Relevant Keyword --> Relevant Ad --> Relevant Landing Page --> Relevant Product Recommendation

The landing page component is critical! If you want to be successful with PPC marketing, become proficient at building landing pages.

I am not going to elaborate too much on "landing pages" here as there are so many variants that can lead to your visitors taking the desired action. These are the main ones:

(1) Landing page relevance
(2) Interesting and engaging content on your landing page
(3) The offer you make is parallel (in terms of relevance)

Seeing a them here. Basically the idea I want to ingrain in your head here is RELEVANCE. If someone searches, "how to train my poodle puppy", you better be delivering information and an offer relating to "training poodle puppies" on your landing page or it is going to adversely affect your conversions.

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