Article Style #4: Tutorials & How-To's

Tutorials are one of the most lucrative types of content, but also most complicated to do right. Too many times I see newbies (again, including myself) writing up a quick 1000 word tutorial on a keyword they found and calling it a day.

However, if you use this post type to its full potential, you have a lot of tools available to you for traffic, sales, and authority. Not all tutorials have to be super in-depth, but the ones which require a lot of teaching could contain:

  • Original Infographic
  • Original Video
  • Original Images
  • Original Text Content

That's all based off of the same idea and same content, but in different formats, they'll appeal do different audiences. Plus, they can work together to make the overall "content" related to the topic much better.

For example, you can:

  • embed your video in your text post
  • link from your video to your text post
  • put your video up on multiple video hosting sites
  • explain your infographic in the video
  • upload the infographic to the text
  • share the infographic on social media and link to the text
  • include some text on the infographic
  • include your original images on the infographic

This cross promotion helps to get links to your site, but also helps to solidify your authority on the topic.

There are tons of possible formats for a tutorial, depending on the length. One cool thing I like to do though is include a FAQ about the tutorial topic, and use Jump Links so people can skip the FAQ if they want and don't have to scroll through each individual question to get to the bottom.

You can also link from your YouTube video to your article, without having to put the link in the description box.

ProTip 1: Watermark your infographics. People will steal them.

ProTip 2: Canva is super easy to use to make infographics

ProTip 3: Avoid those "easy YouTube video" makers that have robot voices, or just stock photos with a voiceover. Waste of time in my opinion.

ProTip 4: Browse tutorials from other creators and see what questions people are asking to see how you can make your tutorial better!

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Vickic3 Premium
Thank you Nathaniell- such great training. What program is good to create infographics?
kimwolfe Premium Plus
Canva is super easy to make infographics. Jay just did a training on how to do this.
MarionBlack Premium
Very useful and comprehensive, Nathaniell. Thank you.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks for reading Marion!
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx so much, Nathaniell.
nudawn311 Premium
I sure needed this! Thank you !
RuthlynB Premium
Thank you for your post but tell me do I have to review products only that pertain to my neich?
CravenATAT Premium
You should only review products related to your niche- if you have reviews of random things on your site then it would make no sense on your website
RuthlynB Premium
Thanks were just wondering.