Article Style #7: Trending Topics

This one might be a relief to some of you because it doesn't involve any keyword research! The "trending" style blog post is just about capitalizing on trends. You can of course search on Google Trends, but even they can be too late. Look at twitter and other news feeds to see what's happening #rightnow in your niche (or at least in the last few days).

The other cool thing is that this post doesn't have to follow SEO rules (but it can). If you just want to punch out a 500 word post and share it to your social media channels, you can do that.

With the right hashtag, or published to the right Facebook group, this stuff can go viral!

If you do engage in a bit of SEO, and make your post a bit smarter, longer, and optimized, all that social love is going to help you in the SERPs too.

We see this all the time when big scams get busted. When a scam goes down, if you have written about that on your site, chances are your traffic will spike.

If you have a men's fashion blog, you could write a blog post about the potential design for the new US Space Force uniforms (just announced a day ago). Who wouldn't want to take a look at that and share it with their friends?

Or with the plastic straw ban happening in California, you can write about reusable straws, or analyze what's happening with the law (assuming your blog is relevant to the topic).

New video game releases, or pictures from E3 are a perfect way to drive traffic to your video game themed blog.

These are just news items off the top of my head, but since you are the expert in your niche, you'll have more insight into what's trending in your area. Social media is important for this style of blog post to get your content noticed and ranked in a hurry!

ProTip #1: Be sure to tag people or use trending hashtags to get more traction to your shares

ProTip #2: Search trending tags on Twitter and see if anything can "fit" your niche, even if it's just somewhat related

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Vickic3 Premium
Thank you Nathaniell- such great training. What program is good to create infographics?
kimwolfe Premium Plus
Canva is super easy to make infographics. Jay just did a training on how to do this.
MarionBlack Premium
Very useful and comprehensive, Nathaniell. Thank you.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks for reading Marion!
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx so much, Nathaniell.
nudawn311 Premium
I sure needed this! Thank you !
RuthlynB Premium
Thank you for your post but tell me do I have to review products only that pertain to my neich?
CravenATAT Premium
You should only review products related to your niche- if you have reviews of random things on your site then it would make no sense on your website
RuthlynB Premium
Thanks were just wondering.