Article Style #3: Question & Answer

Though a simple concept, answering questions in a blog post is a great way to get highly engaged traffic to your website. People go to Google with questions, and you have the opportunity to provide them with an answer!

Sometimes, that answer is a product. You can link to your product review, or directly to the product with an affiliate link.

Sometimes, the answer is more reading. You can simply link to a another post with further information...of course which somewhere down the roads leads to an affiliate sale, an email signup, or at the very least a contribution to the discussion or a Facebook share.

In other words, when you create a question/answer type of post, make sure you have a goal in mind of what you want the reader to do when they are done reading.

Another reason I like this style of article is that it fits great with keywords. Your keyword doesn't have to be a question though! Any keyword can be turned into a question, or multiple questions for an even lower competition phrase.

For example: restain deck (260 search / 66 QSR)

Post Titles

  • Do I Need To Strip Old Stain Before I Restain My Deck?
  • What Grit Sandpaper To Use For Sanding To Restain My Deck?
  • Can I Use Old Based Stain To Restain My Deck With Water Based Stain?

There are thousands of potential questions to ask here, and a great way to find them is to use the alphabet soup technique, which is actually now a auto-generated feature of Jaaxy. With Jaaxy enterprise you'll have about 300 potential questions in 60 seconds.

I also like to write about questions that are not featured in Jaaxy.

Sometimes, due to the specificity of deep-dive topics, questions arise that will only show where real people are talking about the product. This is why you need to become an expert (or hire an expert) in your niche.

There's a cryptocurrency called 0x which is gaining popularity. But all the questions related to this token like "how to store 0x on a hardware wallet?" or "which exchanges trade 0x?" will not show up on Jaaxy. You need to be familiar with the topic to think of these questions!

ProTip 1: Use Jaaxy to brainstorm keywords, questions, and store them on lists so you don't forget or lose track of all your great ideas

ProTip 2: Search on social media for people asking questions for ideas, but also to help them out. Answering questions, with or without posting your link can help you build your brand and authority

ProTip 3: Building out pages that answer questions can make YOU your own resource, so you don't have to link out to other websites

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Vickic3 Premium
Thank you Nathaniell- such great training. What program is good to create infographics?
kimwolfe Premium Plus
Canva is super easy to make infographics. Jay just did a training on how to do this.
MarionBlack Premium
Very useful and comprehensive, Nathaniell. Thank you.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks for reading Marion!
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Thnx so much, Nathaniell.
nudawn311 Premium
I sure needed this! Thank you !
RuthlynB Premium
Thank you for your post but tell me do I have to review products only that pertain to my neich?
CravenATAT Premium
You should only review products related to your niche- if you have reviews of random things on your site then it would make no sense on your website
RuthlynB Premium
Thanks were just wondering.