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This video has been redone and now has a new link - here it is

In this video I show you how to create an FAQ page with jump links - Jump links are links that go to a certain spot on the same page - this makes your FAQ page very user friendly - and it's not hard at all to do.

UPDATE: No more disappearing links. When using the text mode of wordpress if you switch to visual mode you will find that the jump link code disappears.

Randy has discovered that if you place your jump links on a line that has text the links will not disappear when you switch to visual mode. Thanks Randy (aka bigdubbayew)


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BigDubbayew Premium
Thanks for the Killer training on these jump links bro! Now I even know what to call em. I was trying to google looking for text to text links... NOT WORKIN!

I was finding all kinds of stupid stuff but not what I needed.

Big thanks to Shawn Martin for pointing me here! -RDub
leoemery Premium
You're very welcome - I know there are plugins for this king of thing but the less plugins you use on your site the better it is for your site.

So I usually go old school for things like this - no fuss no muss - and no conflict with plugins.
BigDubbayew Premium
That's cool! I like learning some code here and there... I should spend more time looking into coding sites. Someone told me a real good one. I think I bookmarked it. They told me the W3C school was a bit outdated.
RMaskell Premium
Hi Leo, I've just been working through your training video as I'm looking to link to content within the same page, however when I put the links in, it appears to work on the first part and shows that there is a link on it (i.e. the font colour looks different) but when I click on it takes me to another page of my website rather than on the content further down the page.

Any thoughts?
leoemery Premium
From what you are telling me the only way it could be going to another page is if you have an actual URL link.

It would be easier if I could see the links you are trying to create - if you like I can take a peek for you - I would need access to your dashboard.

If that works for you - simply send me the URL of your login page and the access information by private message.

Also I am going to be working on some things for clients on Saturday starting around noon my time (MST) so I will be around in chat - I can look at your site at that time and we can chat at the same time and I can walk you through everything so it works for you.

Let me know

lmc6837 Premium
Brilliant. Works much better than the way I was doing it. Thanks for taking the time to make this. Lisa
jhoecannon Premium
Thanks...I've wondered on how this was, I know!
DonnaJ Premium
Thanks so much Leo!! You've even included more than I asked for :D Your the "Best" and I can't wait to get this on my website for you to see what I accomplish from your "Outstanding Tutorial" on FAQ's. I know this will help other WA member also :)
leoemery Premium
No worries - I was very happy to do it for you - now I just have to figure out a way to send you my bill - LOL