4 X Search Engine traffic - Where Are You Realistically - You Gota Crawl Before You Rank.

So I have to be honest with you here, if you haven’t finished at least Level 3 of the certification courses, AND completed the tasks that Kyle has given you, then some of what I will be discussing going forward may confuse you.

Please finish up to at least level 3 before moving forward with this training. I do not want you getting overwhelmed by easy to understand concepts, because you simply haven’t completed a few initial lessons. This training is not going anywhere.

If you have... That's fantastic. Well done on making it this far!

Let's look at the next step then...

What’s Realistic For Your Website - Have You Found Your Google Berry Juice?

Something that Carson said to me very early on in my Wealthy Affiliate Journey… At least I think it was Carson ;)

‘Google will most likely only start to take note of your website and start trusting and indexing your pages so that they show up on Google AFTER about 20 + quality posts. ‘

It’s going to be a bit challenging for you to gauge your results prior to having done this.

Regardless of if you have less posts though, you should still be applying what I am going to show you, to each and every one of your posts… Just going to have to have a little faith until then ;)

If you are already past this point, then Kudos! :) It’s going to be fun watching your posts rank within minutes of publishing them! Yip… I did say minutes!

On that same note, for the more seasoned members with strong flowing traffic to their websites, I am pretty sure you will find some useful insights here as well.

4 X your Google traffic off the bat may be a bit more difficult than those with slightly newer websites, however…. You never know what little golden nuggets are hidden further into this training.

Additional Resources

Regardless of your level, going forward, you should already be applying Jay’s checklist to each and every one of your posts. Here is the link for if you have not seen it yet;


Secondly, you need to understand Keyword Competition Analysis.

Jay did a great post with some awesome free tools on this. You can find it Here…



I told you Jay has some valuable information to share ;) Right?

And lastly, Even if you are generating decent traffic already, It’s extremely important that you apply what Jay teaches in the following webinars to find a good balancing on your website.




What do I mean by balance? Well, I am going to focus on fast, easy ranking content in this training. You will need to use this to drive traffic and link juice to your evergreen content.

Did the sound of ‘fast, easy ranking content’ just get you to pay attention now? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Great… We’ll get there in a minute or two, but first… let set a challenge in the next section!

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LynneHuy Premium
Ok so here is my first question.. I am just going through this a little bit at a time. With Jay's 10 steps he states make a Youtube video, did you do this with every post? Is this step necessary?
kirby34 Premium
Setting up a YouTube channel is easy to do and a great way of getting traffic. Personally I do not do them for every blog but combining blogs with vlogs is a great way of keeping traffic interested in your site.
shweetlife Premium
Very fair question, and the short answer is no. This is actually a weak area for me...

I fully realize the massive potential in making video's, however, have not yet been able to sit down and get going with my own videos yet..

I do embedded videos from YouTube on some of my posts and do find that it holds a lot of value, but for now those video's are not my own.

You have to remember that YouTube is like adding a second Google powered search engine sending traffic to your posts.

There is loads of traffic to be taken from it and though my thoughts on YouTube are purely from extensive study on the topic and not practice... It is not a traffic source that you want to ignore.

I have seen people build their online businesses from YouTube traffic alone and when you consider that YouTube is owned by Google, It makes complete sense why.

Hope my mumble jumble answered your question ;)
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks Marc, I have done a few videos but I just wanted to check what your modus operandi was. I can't see me being able to do enough videos for all my blogs!
So you have added other people's video's on the topic to your posts?
shweetlife Premium
Yip. Relevant video's.

look out for links etc in the video so it does not send people to someone else' affiliate link tho.
LynneHuy Premium
Ok cool, will do :) Thanks for the tips!
LynneHuy Premium
YAY, now what to do with the 2 kids I have at home for the next week?? Damn I have to wait until after 8pm tonight to tuck into this!
shweetlife Premium
lol. doesn't look like you managed to wait until 8pm ;)
LynneHuy Premium
ROFL no, I was trying all day and I got to 24 mins in, I will try again tomorrow. Burnt out!
Uwais Premium
thanks for the share
HPearson Premium
Hi Marc, Yikes!! Just had a look at keywords in webmaster tools. Other than the first one which is such a broad keyword, the next few have nothing to do with my niche. What am I doing wrong - aside from the obvious answer which is a lot! Almost every post is centred around a keyword that has the right "numbers", and I use it in the title, first paragraph and last. Cheers, Hindy
shweetlife Premium
Hey Hindy!

Did you change the theme? I love the new look and header image. It immediately drew me in!

I had a quick look at your posts and can't promise I'll be able to do so for everyone, but what I noticed is that even though, according to the keyword tool... The posts are meant to be super easy to rank... You are going up against some super powerful Domain authorities.

I think that focusing on your competitor analysis will help a lot in choosing which keywords are worthwhile.

That being said... You are doing extremely well for the position that I found your posts in... I did not expect to see them up there with the likes of Amazon etc.

I mentioned at the end of this training that 'you may be one degree away from boiling', and I really think this applies to your website at the moment.

Check out Jays completion analysis training. I am 100% sure it will help.

I covered a bit in page 8: Extreme Keyword research of this training, but Jays goes more in detail.

Link to Jay's training can be found in page 3 of this training.

Let me know if you are still uncertain after that. :)


Marc Parsons
HPearson Premium
Hi Marc, I'm really glad you like the change! I know the original was boring, but I was solely focused on content, and admittedly a little afraid to make the changes on my own, but I couldn't take it anymore! Still not branded, but at least it's not an eyesore. To be honest, for most of my posts I focused on searches, and forgot about competition - I have been looking at competition with posts I'm writing now so we'll see if things improve. Thanks for the rest of your advice as well.

An experienced marketing person I know recently told me she couldn't find me in the first few pages of Google, and my niche is not one people will keep coming back to, and certainly not buy anything from. If she's right, I'm considering starting a second site that will be an interest, not a passion like animals, and see if money flows that way.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to have a look, and offer advice. Cheers, Hindy
shweetlife Premium
Glad you made the changes. It looks great Hindy.

Happy to hear you are focused on the competition as well now. Looking forward to hearing about your results.

I have to be honest, your niche does appear like it could be a bit challenging. I picked up secondary keywords like 'food' and 'care', but did not see very high searches even with that. Also not sure what the product review searches are like for your niche.

It's a call you will have to make though.

I wouldn't go so far as changing niche all together, but taking out the 'senior' may be an option if it is still too tough after trying with the competitor analysis?

Good luck!
HPearson Premium
I'm keeping it as it is, but I'll be doing two things - one is my own version of line extension by broadening the topic to include puppies and adult dogs, ways to keep them healthy and happy so they'll be healthier and happier seniors. Thought that was a great idea, it was my "ha ha" moment of this morning.
The second thing I'm doing is launching a second niche, with private label products (hopefully), and that has a lot more potential for money making.
shweetlife Premium
Sounds great!

I am definitely looking forward to see what happens when you start to expand a little bit.

Keep us posted!
Buddle Premium
Thanks for sharing Marc, shall certainly go through this.
shweetlife Premium
Hope you find something interesting and new Barbara. Looking forward to your feedback and questions if you have any. :)