The Art of Seeing

Last Update: October 18, 2016

Why do some people seem so fortunate?

Have you ever known anyone who seems to always be in the right place at the right time? They have great opportunities fall into their laps all the time. What is their secret?

I drive a silver Toyota Tacoma. Soon after I got my truck I was amazed at how many silver Toyota Tacoma's there were.

I ask you did everybody just suddenly go out and buy that same truck when I did, or was I just not aware of something that was all around me the whole time.

I think the answer is obvious, and my point is this. Opportunities for wealth and success are always there but our awareness and ability to see them aren't.

WA can train us to see opportunity

I was reading a blog of AlexSol's the other day where he was sharing how he made $70 in commission for about 5 minutes work.

What struck me about his blog was how he shared that if he hadn't been involved in online marketing that he probably wouldn't have seen the opportunity.

In other words, his awareness was opened up to an opportunity that had existed all along.

Learning to see requires participation

No one can teach me how to see! They can explain it, describe it, share their experience of it, but until I get in and experience it I will not see it.

I believe that is one reason WA is so effective. The lessons are not just telling you how, they are making you do.

The first day here, I built a website. Then I compared it to other websites, then went back and revised and was told to do a little more. Each experience lays a foundation for the next.

As I'm building up my website I come across problems that I need to solve. Sometimes these problems occur because I didn't understand correctly when I was first told what to do.

But the problem opens my awareness to what I need to do and in the process of solving the problem I acquire a new skill and insight. And if I want to further clarify that understanding then I should teach someone how to do what I've just learned.

Making Parent Pages

No, this is not turning parents into someone who works for a knight or the senate:)

I watched a video of MagiStudios on how to create parent pages a few weeks ago and thought this will be good information.

Well now I'm to the point that can see the benefit of having those parent pages to encourage my visitors to stay on my site longer, but now I have to go through the process of building them.

So after skimming through the video( thank goodness for archives)and a little trial and error I have actually created a parent page and a couple of sibling pages. And now I have the confidence to create dozens more.

The bottom line

The longer I'm here and the more I work on my website, the more excited I get and the more possibilities I see.

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allchristie Premium
Your allusions to "page" got me thinking of the four Pages in Tarot - with all the potential of royalty but as yet without the experience.
My 86 Safari high top is definitely one of a kind on the road, and is treated by others as invisible.
I enjoyed this post and will ruminate further.
trailhound Premium
That's very profound about the "page's", Larry. I hadn't even realized how applicable that is to where I'm at with WA
Hofmeister Premium
Great post Richard, and may I add...Tacomas are just awesome trucks, that's clearly why you see them so often:)
trailhound Premium
You're right, Brad. Tacomas are awesome trucks.
Heidi56 Premium
I can relate to this Richard and I am wondering where I will be in a year from now! Great article. You name it beautifully!
trailhound Premium
Hi. Heidi. I'm glad you could relate, and I'm confident that wherever you are in a year that you will be successful. Cream always rises to the top.
Heidi56 Premium
Thank you, Robert, for your inspirational words. I do think myself, that I will be successful, but not necessarily in the way most people understand the term here in WA, lol.
TomasB Premium Plus
Nice post Richard,everything we need here at WA is right in front of us,we just have to notice all this wisdom,and act on it.
trailhound Premium
Hi, Tomas. I appreciate you comments, very true.
StepChook Premium
Great post, Richard. I wrote a similar post the other day. I related how buying my daughter a car, I noticed the same car on the road. Similarly, since joining WA, when I visit a website I can quickly see patterns.
trailhound Premium
Thanks, Steve. I read your post on buying your daughter a car . I think it's cool how so many of us tune in to the same idea at the same time. That's a whole other post.