Recruited to an ambassador program!

Last Update: Aug 23, 2018

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I am so excited!!!

Currently, I'm still working on my first Keyword Rich Content. Well, technically I finished writing it finally yesterday which took me literally a week to write but need to revise and edit. I have yet to really work on my website itself - looking to add in some images, backgrounds, etc.

Many people here on WA have signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program and I've been looking forward to adding those products onto my website; of course, I'm not close to that stage yet but it's all good.

However, just yesterday I randomly received a message on Instagram!!! This new brand is looking for ambassadors to join their ambassador program. They so far only have one product out as they're new but I'm sure new products will start coming in. They are looking for people to test their products but of course, we have to buy the product (ambassadors get a discount) and to put up a link to purchase their products as well as posting ABOUT the product(s).

Not only that, this company is paying their ambassadors a commission for every product sold! WHAT! Ok, I must calm down... but I am SUPER excited!!! Not only have I not looked into affiliate marketing yet but I have been approached! My goodness!

So now I have one more thing to add to my website when it's ready for some affiliate marketing! Woohoo!


Thank you everyone for the input! Had it not been for you experienced WA-ers, I may have hopped onto this boat blindly.

I guess this is all a learning process and I'm just so glad I have you all to help me and guide me. You guys are right, now that I think about it more if they were recruiting me to join their ambassador program I should not have to pay for anything especially if I'm helping them promote it.

I will be skipping on this opportunity and wait for the next opportunity =) In the mean time, back to working on my niche website and adding content!

Thanks everyone!

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Thank you for sharing tpchan.Will heck it out.

Thanks Lloyd!

Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be passing on this one because many friends here on WA is warning me that it seems more like a scam/scheme.

Thank God for all these awesome people in this community! =)

This is great! Keep going! I am also planning to work hard! It all will come!

For sure! Good luck!!!

If they want a fee, then don't join. It should be an honorary position.

Yes, very true. That's what I was thinking too, it should definitely be honorary especially if they're looking for help... hmm...

Yeah, they are trying to lure you with the Ambassador title, but it's a different definition than the rest of the world uses. Sorry, but scam. Dump it and move on.

Haha, sure will! Thank you! =)

So they want you to join their team of "ambassadors" for a fee and then you "get" to promote their new product and test it for them. Doesn't sound like a program, more like a scheme to me. You become their customer and as a bonus you promote an unheard of product to an audience they don't even know specifically.

This sounds so fabulous but I have to admit I do agree with @cramervod. He certainly knows his thing.
Yes it does sound like a scheme. Tread carefully and take your time. It may sound good but is it.. Thank fully you have true guidance from some of the best here.

~Debs :)

Lol, by fee do you mean buying the product?

I'm not sure, they called it their ambassador program. They're new or so they claim and it's an outdoor accessory as their first product right now, luckily not expensive.

They're looking for outdoor enthusiasts lol... I still need to do some research on this and get more insight but your feedback makes me think it through before I even join =)

Haha, yeah! Thank God for WA community =) I think I may pass on this opportunity. It did seem a little "too good to be true" but couldn't get past the excitement, haha!

I wanted you to see how it sounds from a different perspective. Changing discounted into a fee takes away their wording and replaces it with something that allows you to think.

Realize that I know only what you have described and not enough to actually advise you what to do.


Yes, totally understand that =)

I went back to re-read their e-mail and it said that their company is new so they aren't able to provide us with free products, hence the discount offer.

But like many experienced WA-ers here, many people are warning me and I'm glad I have this community to go to because I definitely learned a lot from you all. I will be skipping on this opportunity and will wait for the next FREE opportunity (lol) =)

Thank you!

Congrats on your new endeavor

Thank youuu! =)

Make sure you know they represent before signing.
My father would sa y"Don't look a gift horse in the
Mouth." (Not sure what that means)
I think you are doing terrific. Curious, bold,
exploring....good qualities for success.


Thank you Janet!

Yes, I asked for more details about the program and will bring it out over dinner with my family tonight and get their insight on this.

That's really great! Congrats! It's also one more thing to add to your resume when you talk to other merchants about becoming an ambassador for their programs.

Thank you Jeannine!

I actually never thought of putting that into my resume, thanks for the advice! =D

Sounds like a great opportunity! Once your blog gets bigger, companies will start offering you things for free because they want to leverage off of your traffic. (:

I wish you great success,
Eric C.

Yeah, this is the thing... if someone was to recruit people to help sell their products, aside from a little discount shouldn't it be free LOL!

Perhaps I'll pass on this opportunity for now..?

Yup! I would pass on it. Usually when they want you to promote their product. They will offer it to you for free.

It’s just like how YouTubers receive merchandise for free just to review.

Sounds more like this person is trying to pitch you a sale haha.


Haha, I guess so! Oh well, I guess I'll skip this one then =D I'll work for the real stuff hahaha!

I just re-read the e-mail from them again. They said because they're a new company they're not able to provide free products to their ambassadors and so they're giving us a 25% discount lol!

That’s the problem. Sure they are new. That’s why they should be willing to lose some money to get their name out there. It’s like why would I buy your product even at a discounted price if I don’t even know if your product is good? Haha.

Haha yeah, that crossed my mind when I drove home from work; if they're new the more they should forget about the money they're losing to get their name out. I mean, I would do that especially if I'm selecting "some" people to join the program. Once they get me some buyers I can continue to recruit more people lol...

You are absolutely right! That's why I offer lead magnets on my website for free. It cost my visitors nothing, but it helps me build my email list and customer base.

Once you've established yourself, gain some testimonials, people will feel more comfortable buying from you.

You should them that and offer to sell them your own business consultant service lol.

Hahaha! It's like, well you ain't getting my business but I don't mind getting your business now lol =P

Exactly haha! How long have you been doing this?

Just 7 days short of a month, lol! Still a newbie here so thank goodness for everyone's input here today lol!

Welcome! (: I'm officially 10 months in and you'll be surprised how much you'll learn along the way. If you need help with anything, please feel free to leave me a message!

Definitely will, thank you Eric!

Congratulations Teresa, it's great when people approach you and you don't have to go chasing for an opportunity!

Wishing you success with the promotion of this product!

Thank you Jacqueline!

Yes, usually I have to chase after opportunities but for once I'm being approached! Ah, I am so excited beyond words! LOL!

Thank God for you work hard sky should not be the limit we are limitless

Thank you so much! I'm sooo excited!

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