Deep Emotions Know No Bounds

Last Update: May 20, 2019
Have You Ever Wondered If Your Pay It Forward Is Paying Off?

Many times we give so much without reserve to help others and we can become disillusioned by it if we think our effort are in vain.

Just last night, I discovered the dynamic effect paying it forward has had on a fellow WA Member.

Reading through my unread messages, I found one from someone who was very gracious, grateful and thankful.

As I continued to read the words, I couldn't contain the depths of my emotions which knew no bounds and the tears just started to flow from a heart of gratitude and fulfillment that I had made a difference in that person's life and made their journey so much easier.

Today, I want to encourage you to stay the course, pay it forward and know without a doubt, someone is being helped by you and you've made their journey here a lot easier than it would've been!

I didn't know that profound effect I had on our fellow member and I was deeply moved.
I am privileged to know such a one and am grateful to them for letting me know.

Keep paying it forward, with an attitude of gratitude and you will sure reap the benefit!
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FKelso Premium
each one help one -- at least one

give and the universe returns the gift.
TopAchiever Premium
Yes, we need to just reach out with a genuine heart of thanksgiving. :-)
CandP Premium
We are all here to help each other and it is a good feeling to know you really impacted someone. Well done.
All good things come back to us.
C & P
TopAchiever Premium
My stauch supporters, C & P!


Thank you so much!

Hudson Premium
Yes it is a great feeling when this happens. Great post and even greater message - well done you!
TopAchiever Premium
You are most welcome Philip
LauraFuller Premium
It is such an amazing feeling to know when we have made a difference.

That was so nice of that person to tell you. It is a great example for me to tell those who have helped to change my life.

You help so many so often. Thank you.

TopAchiever Premium
Thank you for your kind words Laura.

You are so compassionate and seeing the better intentions of the person than most see!

May you be truly blessed for your compassion.

Thank you!

joojoo769 Premium
Hi dear,
Thanks for sharing..Yes sometimes we don't know our sharing is really means by someone really in needed.
Yes, we keep going to do our sharing, because sharing is caring each other.

Best regards,
TopAchiever Premium
You are most welcome Mida!