Beware The Fact Checker In Google Is On The Loose!

Last Update: April 10, 2017

What Is The Fact Checker All About?

Now that it has been pointed out that there is Fake Information being broadcast, Google has taken this accusation very seriously and included a Fact Checker with Search Results.

Be advised that when you search in Google now, your search will fall under any of the following 3 Categories:

Mostly True


Pants On Fire

Most people are asking the question, "What IS Fake News, or Fake Information?"

Well the definition in Wikipedia reveals quite a stir!

Take a look:

My advice to you would be, make sure the information you post is as accurate as you can ever hope it to be when you post on your website.

It has also been mentioned that the company that decides what falls in the 3 categories mentioned above, had been deemed to be inaccurate.

Proceed with caution and be wisely advised!

Your thoughts and comments - what do you think?

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JulietAA Premium
What on earth!
If google is doing this, why can't they do it right!
divadejunk Premium
I appreciate the information. I do wonder what falls in the "pants on fire" category -- I'll strive for that one!!! :D
rosieM Premium
Good to know.....thank you!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
mickeyb123 Premium
Yes, Google is using Politifact and Snopes; 2 of the most fakiest of all of them!
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks for the confirmation Mickey! :-)