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Last Update: October 14, 2018

Many new affiliate marketers believe that running a blog is complicated due to their writing skills. Some say they hate writing too much, others say their grammar is poor.

I've heard people say that writing an article is the hardest thing in the world. Doesn't that sound more like being lazy rather than wanting to start an online business?

Let me tell you a true story about one of my internet adventures that's going to change the way you run your online business.

One day I decided to search on Google about how to pick a niche and become profitable within that industry.

Google wants Good Communicators

Before I continue, remember that when you search on Google, the first ten articles are the top recommended articles for your keywords.

So I typed “How to find a niche” and pressed enter. I got many results but I didn't like the first ten results so I checked the next page.

One article caught my attention, so I clicked on it and it took me to a basic website full of information but no images or videos.

At first glance, it looked boring without images, long paragraphs and just a few categories to choose.

I decided to give it a shot and see what this website had to offer. I started reading parts of the article and it looked terrible.

Make your Website Informative

The sentence structure was off, meaning that whoever wrote the article in English was not an English-speaking person.

However I found that it had some good topics about finding different types of niches using simple techniques.

So as I started reading, trying to ignore the improper grammar, much of the information was similar to what we learn here in Wealthy Affiliate.

As boring as the website looked, it had some clever ideas on starting a niche and becoming an authority with something you enjoyed doing.

To my surprise, after reading one article, I was hooked and wanted to read more. Now I didn't care if there were no images or videos, I wanted to learn more.

A Bird's Eye-view of the Website

I found this website ranking on page two on Google leading ahead of several high profile blog authorities within that niche.

After examining the entire website, it only contained a very simple Word Press theme named Genesis with the standard theme – That's it!

The theme had no images, no videos, no logos or any entertainment features.

All this super simple website had was an e-mail sign up section that was sitting on the sidebar. By the way, I was tempted to sign up to this website's newsletter because it contained valuable information.

The Website's Communication Factor

Each article on this website must have been around 1000 to 1500 words max. It contained no catchy headers, all it had was long blocks of information.

One small detail that I noticed was that while the sentence structure was poor, it had no spelling mistakes – that was a plus for me.

There were no images to illustrate the author's point of view, I had to imagine and figure it out on my own. It would have been helpful to have some videos that would show the reader the steps to success.

This website had nothing, at it had was pure helpful information that motivated readers to start a business by selecting a niche their passionate about.

Here's a list about THE BAD AND THE UGLY of the website:

  • No fancy Word Press theme
  • No Logo or Icons
  • No fancy menus or drop-downs
  • No Images
  • No Videos
  • Bad sentence structure
  • Long paragraphs without breaks
  • 30 articles max

Let the truth be told

So why was Google ranking this article on page two? Because despite of all its faults, the information that it provided kept readers interested.

The article communicated its intent to the readers in a way that they understood it, and as a result found it helpful.

If a website that had so many negative elements could rank high in a search engine like Google, imagine how much more your website will rank with the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The truth is that this website taught me an important lesson, it doesn't matter how fancy your website looks, it's all about the content.

Think about this website for a minute and picture yourself staring at a lifeless website with blocks of information.

I bet that most people that join Wealthy Affiliate will be able to create a better looking website and start ranking high in Google.

Here are the Top Ten Myths of Blogging

  1. You need to buy a Premium website
  2. You need to pay for images
  3. You need to pay for videos
  4. You need to pay for writers
  5. You need to buy premium plugins
  6. You need to buy links or paid links
  7. You need to pay for traffic
  8. You need to be a writer
  9. You need to write too much
  10. You need formal education

I'm happy to say that you don't need any of these to become successful in any niche. All you need to do is communicate your knowledge in a way that people can understand.

If you can have a simple conversation with a child, that's all the experience you need to communicate with others online.

So now I ask you, do you think you can create a better website than the one I mentioned? Does this story make you feel better about your website? Leave your comments below.



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MSinn Premium
I have a racing blog and I have also been writing a small book on my sight. I have almost 12 pages on there so far. My writing is not perfect, but I am letting it come from inside and I wrote it for my Dad before he passed away. He raced cars before he married my Mom. They are both gone now and it is the only way that I can stay close to them and share it with the world.
TonyMonzon Premium
hi MSinn,
That's one of the best ways to write your articles. By being yourself, you're content becomes unique. Look at those Mom-at-Home blogs, they get crazy traffic. Remember, what you write is a reflection of you. Thanks for the comment.
See you at the top!;0)
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Nice one Tony!
TonyMonzon Premium
hi VitaliyG,
It's always an honor to hear from you. I'm still thinking about your 700 plus posts you've accomplished. That's simply awesome! Thanks for the comment.
MinaKim Premium
Thanks for sharing this, I am just starting out. And reading this helped me a lot to focus more on my content.
TonyMonzon Premium
hi MinaKim,
It really doesn't matter if you're just starting out or a veteran, content is king. I've seen newbies write some awesome articles that get ranked quickly. Keep focused and you will reach success.
newmarketpro Premium
Thank you for sharing this Antonio.
I think you have highlighted some important points on blogging. I agree that sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to web design. I have been reading a few top bloggers like Neil Patel and I noticed there's nothing fancy about the design of the site. But you will be captivated with the content presented.

Some newbies are too concern over the look of the site and not the content. I think priority should be given more to the content which is the main factor of getting a site ranking.

Great post.

TonyMonzon Premium
hi Joe,
That's exactly right, the content is what gets you ranked in Google, not the flashy widgets. The more effort you put into the content, the more authority you build. Thanks for your comment Joe!;0)
EBuchanan18 Premium
Great post!
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Emily,
I'm glad you liked it. Have a wonderful day!;0)