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September 02, 2020
Hey my WA Family,Today is an exciting day for me, this is my very first Google Adsense payout. Yayyyyyyyyy!I made a whopping $126.11 dollars last month and it feels good.Some of you are probably wondering how can I get the same results.I am happy to answer those questions and give you some tips along the way. Let's get started...Applying for Google AdsenseIf you want Google to pay you, the first step is to apply for Adsense.BEFORE YOU APPLY READ THIS:Google has increased their standards when it
Hey guys, I wanted to share my excitement with all of my WA friends. I just hit 275 plus daily views on my site.This is my new art website where I teach people how to draw cartoons. I'm so excited because my website traffic is slowly increasing.In the BeginningWhen I first created this website, it barely got 15 daily views. The traffic was weak and my website had no authority.My website is mostly graphic, I'm drawing more than I write. However, my images are top quality and people love them.Why
Hi my WA friends,I wanted to let all of you know that my new site is finally ranking after 10 months. I am so happy it finally happened and never thought the day would come. Each and every day I would check to see if it would appear on the search engines. Google had me in the (Google Sandbox) for a long time.Read this post to find out how long it could take to rank in Google. suspect that Google is being tougher on new websites be
Hey guys, something crazy but awesome happened. When Kyle announced the Black Friday Deal I responded to his post.I said I wish my renewal date fell in November to take advantage of the deal. So I left it as that and forgot about it.The Black Friday EventToday I logged in and saw many people becoming premium members due to the Black Friday special.So I decided to take a look at my account and see when my next payment was due. Guess what? It falls in February 2, 2019.I Jumped for JoyThat's only
Many new affiliate marketers believe that running a blog is complicated due to their writing skills. Some say they hate writing too much, others say their grammar is poor.I've heard people say that writing an article is the hardest thing in the world. Doesn't that sound more like being lazy rather than wanting to start an online business?Let me tell you a true story about one of my internet adventures that's going to change the way you run your online business.One day I decided to search on Goo
Today I'm so excited because I checked my Analytics and my bounce rate went from 70 to 50 percent. One of my main goals was to keep visitors longer on my website by writing engaging content. So with all the training here at W.A. I started adding more content to each of my posts.I also started adding images to keep readers entertained while their reading my content. So I started creating images with Canva for all my posts.The Results?By keeping my posts longer and interesting, I managed to lower
Hi my good W.A. friends, I've been out for quite some time but now I'm back. I am amazed on how W.A. has improved over the years. I'm going to talk about some of the new Wealthy Affiliate features I'm in love with and how they can help newbies that are just getting started.No More Spam CommentsLong gone are the days that we would receive over hundreds of spam comments in a day. The problem with junk comments is that you would have to take time to see which ones were bad and which ones were good
October 01, 2016
Now that you found WA what should you do? A great place to start is to open a Twitter account for your business. In this article, we will set up your Twitter account and give you some tips on gaining followers.Twitter is a simple, sociable network web page that a lot of men and women are hooked on. You may additionally have an idea about it but don't genuinely know how to use Twitter. You essentially just have to publish one thing in your profile including a statement, a message or a picture an
Sometimes it feels like all the work we do is for nothing when we don't see immediate results. Was the first light-bulb invented on the first try? Certainly not, it takes trial and error to make something work.Reevaluate Your PlanWhen we don't see immediate results we must first ask why? Are we:Following the training provided here in WA?Researching for our answers in reputable places?Reviewing your niche competition?Reading success stories?Start Training all OverSometimes we tend to overlook ce
Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that I got my very first credits worth five dollars for my training. I was surprised when I got it because I didn't know we get paid for creating training posts. I only created one training post, Imagine how much I would earn with one hundred training posts. So for all you newbies out there, don't forget to create training posts early on so you can earn cash while learning the ropes here in WA. Cheers!