Over 4,000 yesterday for my 1st time over the Four Thousand Mark!

Last Update: April 21, 2021

Yes, yesterday was the 1st time that I went over the 4,000 mark for a single day!

4,000 per day x 365 days = 1,460,000

is that correct?

Numbers are usually my strong point but then again I am now 55 years old.....

I'm not sure if the 4,000 per day will continue but I see no reason why it couldn't, do You?

Keep in mind that I've had the above website for quite some time!

Even before I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015 I had the site.... years before

In my previous blog here at WA I talked about the new website and the Traffic Boom!, this is a different site.

The article before that 1 was indeed about this site and talks about Google Loving Me!

As mentioned in both previous blogs, right now is 1 of the very best times for sharing opportunities online and Business is Booming!

Oh yes, the picture above is of my new wallet......my old one was way past raggedy(pictured below along with the new one)!

Build it Huge before Summer arrives.....if it ever does...it snowed here yesterday!

What's the weather like right now where you are?

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EdwinBernard Premium
Now that is excellent news worth Celebrating Tony.

Impressive numbers by any one standards. I don't see any reason why that shouldn't continue.

Heck, even if that resulted in $1000 a day that would be $365,000 a year.

Thanks for inspiring me over the past year with your many interesting money making opportunities. I need to go back to study these pieces of advice and take action on at least a few of them. Linktree is the one that most comes to mind.

All the best to you.


CCondon Premium
Nice work Tony!

It definitely helps me to see that it is real and could happen for me if I just stick with it and keep working!

baughsten Premium Plus
Big congtrats, Tony. Keep up the good work!!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations Tony :-)
KMeyer Premium Plus