Google Organic Traffic Boom!

Last Update: April 14, 2021

A little while back I wrote about how Google Loves Me.......

It's now gotten almost scary, who else is noticing this?

Time on site is low but sales are way up so that's fine with me!

April & May are well-known for being great months for earning online!

Are You Ready?

Is Your Website Ready?

All of Our Continued Success is My Daily Prayer!

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AlexEvans Premium
You will be stoked, Tony, make hay when the suns shinning. The momentum is building for you.
Dhind1 Premium
I am glad to hear things are continuing to go well for you.

All the best.

Mattylinc Premium
Wow, those numbers are impressive Tony!

I can currently only dream of getting that kinda traffic on my site! Most days, I'm lucky to get like 20 people visiting :-(

I must say though, yes i have noticed a slight, steady increase over past few days on the organic traffic side of things too.

Still, I imagine your site numbers on a 'bad day' would still be a dream come true for me at this point, but getting to your kinda status in this game is definitely one of my longer term goals at this point.

Thanks again for sharing Tony, all the best.
CherryRed20 Premium
Keep up the great work, Tony.

TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank You Myra, yes I will my friend.

countrylife Premium
Hey Tony
I really have wished, but I am just starting out extensively investing in creating content. Great to have more sales.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Hey Lula,
getting started is the key my friend & it looks like you've indeed gotten off to a great start!