Facebook Banned my Website!

Last Update: May 16, 2021

Yes Facebook banned my main website(not the 1 that I have listed here on my WA Profile Page)

It's the 1 that I have reviews to sites/opportunities that may or may not be scams.....

The reason for the ban is most likely that a couple of so called "opportunities" that I had my writer write about rank high in the search engines and also many of my "friends" at FB are online marketers.

Onpassive (hasn't launched & has been in pre-launch for over 2 years) & Cash FX Group are 2 of those sites mentioned above...... I am so shocked that people are still joining them even tho they're clearly not good.

I also created FB Review pages for the sites/opportunities being reviewed and shared the direct link to those pages....... ruffled more than a few feathers....... many clicked on that my links were scams on the FB pages....

I even had a group at FB with over 40,000 members that got canceled not long ago..... the reason as they stated it was that some of my members were sharing scams....

Not a problem.......

It's a good thing that I share my website and reviews on some other business social sites that aren't so petty & against anyone who shares an opinion opposite someone else's.

Have you ever had issues with FB, IG, Twitter, linkedIn etc......?

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LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Tony
I think a skirmish with Fb is almost a rite of passage for us online marketers (facepalm). I sent a link to a personal friend via Fb messenger and received a good slap on the hand for it by Facebook. Never mind that she was a long-term personal friend and had requested the information, the Fb AI detected my "misbehaviour" and blocked me. They did reverse things pretty smartly when I appealed, thank goodness.
These are good lessons for us all, I guess.
My understanding was that a Fb group was safer than a profile, clearly, that is not the case. Thank you for sharing your experience.
Jeff118 Premium
I used to have a Facebook group and affiliate links at that time was alright, but on your profile, you would bet banned or suspended for a specific time

Facebook is only interested in marketers who are going to spend big bucks on advertising on their site
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hey Jeff
It's quite incredible really, they must be losing business hand over fist to TikTok. One would think Fb would be clamoring to bring and keep affiliate marketers onboard - the only way they can prove their platform works for us is to provide us with free opportunities too. Then again, maybe they are now after the big brands and not us - who knows.
Thank you for sharing your experience :-)
Jeff118 Premium
I think you might be right about they are after the big brands with the big-budget for advertising, no one ever has been able to figure Facebook out
Mattylinc Premium
Yeah sorry to hear about the banning Tony, it is pretty mental.

I'm grateful to have not suffered any of this (yet) as haven't tapped into the socials yet, but have heard enough of these types of things about facebook to definitely put me off that particular channel.

I did get booted outta Amazon affiliates yesterday however, for not selling enough haha. (I guess they really need the money lol).
roysinOnline Premium
Very familiar behaviour, Tony. Having my websites as the foundation of my business and having the advice to create multiple sources of income is a safeguard for such events.

I have had my share of suspension and shut down of my social media accounts, and they continue to happen.

Facebook is one social media platform I haven´t had any issues with... Yet! But I ma sure it will come.

Thank you for sharing :-)
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Tony,

I hope you're doing well and your business is good.

I'm sorry to hear about your Facebook ban, although, I'm not surprised as I know how touchy the social media sites are.

Many years ago my Webmaster said to me when Facebook was very young, he told me to build everything on my website. As the social media sites would do what they are doing right now! How true he was! It just shows the importance of having our own platform, I know you have your own platform, Tony.

Of course, we know it's great to use social media, however, I believe that it's important not to spend too much time on these platforms.

I see Facebook, YouTube and Twitter banning people all the time, especially, if it doesn't suit their narrative. Even WhatsApp (which is owned by Facebook) is not letting me share certain things as it doesn't suit their narrative!

If your niche is based on politics or Christianity, you also stand a massive chance of being banned. I'm seeing it happen a terrific amount now, unfortunately!

The good thing is that new platforms are rising up, so there is hope!

Wishing you all the best.

LyneP65 Premium
I had my page with 3000 followers and no advertisements other than boosting posts and I was permanently banned for breaking some rule that I could not find. I still do not know why, and I cannot share any of my post

But I'm with Aweber and I make a landing page and I can share this one on FB but not my website.