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How do I sort out my homepage menus?

How do I sort out my homepage menus?

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Website Development & Programming

Hey guys, seems pretty backwards to be stuck on something like this, but is anyone able to maybe take a look at my website's homepage, and let me know HOW i can keep the menus

Hi, Matty
I took a quick look... the menu appears at the top of the site as well...
So it looks as if perhaps a widget has been used to set up the extra menu, either as part of a left sidebar or somehow as a post...
If you continue to be stuck feel free to send me a PM.

Thanks heaps Richard, very much appreciate your input and feedback.

In case you need to change your theme, here is what to do.

You may go to Appearance > Themes and add new.

Input what you are looking for, install and activate.

Your content will be left intact, you may lose out on CSS styles and social media icons if that, however with a bit of tweaking and you are done.

We always recommend you leaving a back up theme, you may od with the Twenty TwentyTwo.

I hope this helps

Themes may have limitations, they can dictate where your menu is positioned.

Side widgets can be controlled by Appearance > Widgets

Thanks Abie, you're an absolute legend!

I'll give all these super helpful suggestions a shot and see how i go. Thanks to all of you though, very much appreciated.

This training may help:

Awesome, thanks heaps Phil, that's great.

You're most welcome, Mat.

Matty, I feel your pain, that's why I finally opted for categories!


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Should this be happening, or should I be concerned?

Should this be happening, or should I be concerned?

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Everything Wordpress

Hey all,

I just wanted to check with everyone if this email I just received is a possible scammer of some type, or if this is something normal to expect?

Any fee

Phil has you covered, Matty. This happened to me a few years ago--for some reason that box is always ticked at the start.


check in your site back offic under settings>>general
is the membership box ticked.. if so untick it...
and check the users to make sure you recognise them all
if not delete the ones you don't...
unless you are allowing users to subscribe to your site in which case it is a good thing...
have fun

Thanks heaps for that Phil, I instantly went in & checked that, and sure enough, that box was ticked, so have now taken that off!

Seriously appreciated, will probably follow up with support to double check things are ok. Thanks again.

no worrries
have seen sites that have hundreds of subscribers with that box ticked
just check your plugins to see if any want that functionality....
glad you shouted

Me too, very glad I asked!

Thanks again


If you have not the change, then it cannot be you.

Unless you have partners, writers or a team. I would follow up.

However, you can also with site support


Thanks guys, yeah Phil's recommendation pointed out one issue I had overlooked, but will definitely check with support too.

Thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated.

So very welcome.

I think you should contact site support to see if everything is ok

yeah I think will check in with them just to be safe, thanks Simone, help you're well!

Glad Phil have you covered Matty

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