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Last Update: February 27, 2019

This way you keep your energy level up to standard

9 to 5 job, Family, WA, Social life

Until someone finds a healthy (and legal) peppill, we have to keep our energy level up to standard.

With these tips, that is certainly possible.


Get rid of the snooze button

It is so tempting to press the snooze button a few more times when the alarm clock sounds.

The only problem: by falling asleep again, your hormone households get off track.

That only makes it even harder to get out of your bed. A better strategy is to set the alarm clock exactly on time. Make sure he is on the other side of the room, so you have to get out. And then do not secretly crawl back into bed ...

Let the light in

Light helps your body to get started in the morning. After waking up, you should immediately open the curtains.

Is it still dark when you get up?

Then put on as many lights as possible. T

he more light, the faster you shake off the night.

Warm up slowly

Showering, dressing, making-up, dressing up your children, breakfast; Before eight o'clock you often have a half day on your mind.

To avoid getting exhausted before the morning starts, it's better to get up fifteen minutes earlier and take some time for yourself.

Drink a cup of coffee, browse the newspaper or do some meditation exercises. You will notice that you will be able to handle the crowds that come after that much better.

Healhty breakfast

Starting the day with, for example, coffee and something tasty seems to work well, because you immediately get a lot of energy from it. But soon after the 'high' of the caffeine and the sugar inevitably follows a dip.

It is better to have breakfast with a mix of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, such as wholemeal bread with scrambled eggs or oatmeal with nuts. You can spend hours on this combination without problems. Also prefer to eat a generous breakfast and a light lunch than vice versa.


Take enough breaks

The work has to be finished today, so you stay behind your desk for hours without a break. Bad plan, your body needs regular exercise to ensure sufficient oxygen supply to the brain (and thus to remain concentrated).

A good schedule is always working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break in which you get up and walk for a moment.

After two hours you take a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes. Use the alarm on your phone if necessary.

Do you take your breaks?


Just think about what to email? Put your arms in the air! Turn circles with your shoulders, move your head from left to right.

You can also move while typing, for example by wobbling your legs.

If possible, handle all your phone calls standing or walking.

Something very different

It is a good idea to watch that movie of a dancing hamster, even during your work. Looking for a distraction, ensures that you can concentrate better afterwards.

Especially if you have to laugh at it, because that increases your heart rate and blood pressure, giving you extra energy.

Choose a healthy snack

Do you have a dip every day between two and four in the afternoon?

Nothing strange about that almost happens to us all. Our tendency is then to grab for sweets. A softdrink, for example. But you only have a short time of fast sugars.

It is better to take a natural snack, preferably with a lot of protein and fiber.

A banana or a handful of nuts for example.

They ensure that your blood sugar stays on for a long time and you can continue until the evening.


Work-to-home ritual

No more working in the train and no difficult calls in the car, that's the motto.

Use your travel time to switch back and let the working day slip away from you. Do this preferably with an activity where you can calm down, like listening to your favorite music or reading a nice book.

Put on something comfortable at home. In this way, you leave the bustle of the work literally and figuratively behind you.

A wine? Preferably early in the evening

For many people, it is the ideal relaxation bar: a glass of wine or beer.

However, do not drink anymore from two hours before you go to bed. Alcohol can cause insomnia and you can wake up the next morning with a head that feels full of cotton wool.

Not conducive to your energy.

Steamy sex

Good for some extra spice in the evening (but it works just as well in the morning and in the afternoon): a nice game of lovemaking.

The endorphins that are released thereby provide a great and very natural boost.

Fixed bedtime

It is a bit boring, but also very effective: going to sleep at the same time every night (and getting up at the same time every morning).

Preferably also on weekends.

In this way you ensure that your inner clock is optimally adjusted and that you have the most energy during the day.

An alternating sleep and wake rhythm increases the chance that you are wide awake when you want to sleep, and that you are being puked away if you have to be alert.

Good tips for energy

Listen to your inner clock

Your energy goes up and down during the day. Halfway through the morning, many people feel at their best, after lunch nearly everyone drops in.

A second revival follows at the beginning of the evening. And right before you go to sleep, your energy level is the lowest.

Write down exactly how your inner clock works exactly for a few days. If you know that, you can take it into account.

For example, by planning the busiest and most important activities at those times of the day that you feel the best.

The power of breath

People who practice yoga or meditation know: good breathing is the basis of everything. Deep breathing slows your heartbeat and calms the body.

Take a few times a day to stand still.

Breathe through your nose ten times and out through your mouth. Focus on the expansion and rebound of your belly, on the air that flows in and out.

You will see that afterwards you will feel calmer and easier to concentrate.

Intenser is not always better

You move on, even (or perhaps correctly) when you feel exasperated. In that case, it is wise not to play sports too fanatically - that is the only way to exhaust your already tired body. It is better, for example, to go for a walk.

With that, you also kill several birds with one stone, because in addition to moving, the daylight and the fresh air also act as a boost for your body.

Lavender pays

Research has shown that the smell of lavender makes it more alert. Participants were asked to make calculations before and after the application of aromatherapy.

What turned out?

Lavender scent caused people to answer correctly more quickly and more often.

Write it off

A lot on your mind? Keep a diary on hand. Whenever you are distracted by worry, you write down your thoughts.

Talk to yourself that you read your notes for example the next morning, and then start thinking about it again.

That gives space and peace to get started with fresh energy.

Avoid energy drinks

It sounds like a good idea: drinking an energy drink, and you immediately feel fit again. Unfortunately, the effect is short-lived. Chances are you will feel even more futile than before. For long-term energy, you better keep it with water.

Release the rock star in you

Dance loudly, sing out of breath, play air guitar with all your passion: everything you do on music, you puff up.

Provided you pick out a song with a nice beat, of course.

Although, nice meegmen with a balad can also be delicious.

Especially if the text makes you feel that you are not alone in your feelings of fear, insecurity or heartbreak.

I hope that you can related with this and and it boost your energy to high quality blogging producing level.

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Twack Premium
Excellent ideas and tips. Might have to take a few of those on. Thank you.
TommyVTE Premium
You're welcome
SammHamid Premium
Great tips! I will try to apply those.
TommyVTE Premium
Step by step changing habit's until the habit belongs to you
ShobP Premium
Awesome post!! filled with helpful tips & tricks. I usually have trouble to do any kind of work be it working on my website or any household work, once I reach home from work. Will start mediating & breathing exercises.
TommyVTE Premium
10 minutes meditation will do the trick
ShobP Premium
TommyVTE Premium
I learned for myself on Mind valley a 15 minutes program and I use it almost daily it feels better than a nap it gives me enough energy for the rest of the day. The have paid and free courses training in many aspects of improve your mindset.
ShobP Premium
Thanks! will look it up. I have done meditation but it hasn't helped much. Will look at this site too.
TommyVTE Premium
On this site approach it differently I would say. I am normally not into these things, but this medication way what I learned there fit with me and in my lifestyle. It's the 6 phase meditation quest. The have an app, I have a Android phone.
phil1944 Premium
What a great set of tips, Tommy.

I already do most of them, but will take the others on board.
TommyVTE Premium
There's always something new to make you feel better
Have a great day
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Very good tips thank you, Tommy.
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You're welcome 😊