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Hello PC warrios How many hours a day do you sit behind a screen, in the car or in front of the television?Do you consider how you sit? Often not. Until back problems arise.Sitting is the most stressful position for your back. With prolonged sitting your pelvis tilts backwards and your lower back tends to collapse. This puts a heavy load on your back. Good sitting is important for the body, but how do you feel good? And how does your chair help with this?Back complaintsSitting up straight is th
February 27, 2019
This way you keep your energy level up to standard9 to 5 job, Family, WA, Social lifeUntil someone finds a healthy (and legal) peppill, we have to keep our energy level up to standard. With these tips, that is certainly possible.MorningGet rid of the snooze buttonIt is so tempting to press the snooze button a few more times when the alarm clock sounds. The only problem: by falling asleep again, your hormone households get off track. That only makes it even harder to get out of your bed. A bette
February 24, 2019
Instagram grow1000 Post 1000 FollowersMake it happens be consistent It can be a long road with obstacles But as long your goals are set and you work for it you will reach your goals
This week I was already blogging regarding publishing 100 post on my website and this morning I checked my Instagram and had posted 970 posts, 970 followers and I was following 1600. This afternoon I checkin in WA and have a Network of 800 my rank was 190 and with this posts I have posted 40 posts with my profile.Nice all these round numbersStarted in June so being 8 months in WAI am happy with my progress so far
February 19, 2019
Just uploaded my post number 100Finanly I reach the magic number 100 todayHaving posted 100 articles on my main website.
Many people in their maze of work, hobbies, friends, relationships, sport and the household do not get enough of rest. Scientists discovered a way to give your body and mind just as much rest within ten minutes as with three quarters of an hour of extra sleep.Performance pressure, evidence and sky-high expectations have been among the social ills of the moment for a few years now. Everything has to be better, more, higher, more successful, more exciting and faster. If possible. To get through t
February 15, 2019
Statistics show that nowadays more and more people reach an age of 100 or older. This means that it is important to ask ourselves the following question: what can we do to prevent health problems as we get older? In other words, how can we age healthy?There are several factors that can contribute to this goal: our genes, our habits and our social environment.Healthy aging: Seven useful tipsNowadays we live much longer than our ancestors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), our lif
February 10, 2019
Do you have an thrilling, exciting plan? Set the first step within 72 hours to do something with this. According to writer Geert Kimpen, you ensure that your dream does not fall on the cliffs of doubt and uncertainty.Every day about fifty thousand thoughts fly through your mind. There is a huge diversity between all those thousands of thoughts. Many of them are purely practical in nature, such as thinking of where you left those car keys again or which dish you will put on the table tonight. Bu
We often surround ourselves with people who look like us, but what if we just seek contrast and surround ourselves with our opposites? Such friends are an enrichment of life.How much do you look like your good friends? Chances are that there are quite a few similarities. There are of course exceptions, think: an older couple who is friends with a student, an academic who is friends with a road worker, a man and a woman who are one on one best friends or people of different ethnicities. That is
Are there things that you would very much like to change in your life this year, but has it been so often after a few weeks? With these tips you really reach your goal. And you can also start after 1 January, because you determine the rules yourself.Consider where you are doing it forA lot of people want to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, stop smoking, etcetera. Still, it does not always work. The more motivated you are, the easier it is. So think carefully about what you want. What