One Small Step, One Giant Leap

Last Update: May 16, 2016

I Did It!!.....I finally completed the first course of the Bootcamp! felt like i'd landed on the moon!

I know, I know it's not quite as thrilling an achievement as setting foot on the moon, neither is it one that ranks very highly on peoples lists of accomplishments. However I would like to look upon it as a small step, as apposed to a giant Leap. Then again it all depends on the perspective of the achievement.

First Day of School

When I first arrived here at Wealthy Affiliate I was a young lad of 46 and had all the fears you'd expect of a lad that age. Where was my Mum when I needed her, i'll never make any friends here, what if I do something wrong, will I get told off.....all the usual fears we all have experienced in the early years of our schooling.

Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little with the Moon and School thing here. But the point is that I knew absolutely nothing on arrival and when I mean nothing I mean it. My ability on a computer was literally sending and receiving emails, which I knew on the first day that I logged in wasn't going to get me too far.

Fast Forward Nine Months...

What felt like an extremely difficult labour, filled with sleepless nights and a yearning for it all to be over, I finally did it...I completed the first course!!

Although only up until recently have I managed to spend any real time on the course, (due to a busy work schedule) I stuck with it and persevered up till this moment and this is my point. I had no prior knowledge and minimal time to actually learn anything here, but I stuck with it.

My accomplishment can only really be measured by myself and how far I have progressed and increased my understanding with affiliate marketing and my new found skill of using a computer, in comparison to my previous knowledge of the two.

I arrived with no knowledge, finished course one and now I know something, will complete course two and know a little more, then three, then four.....

Small steps and persistence can lead to big change, it's how man reached the moon.

All the best


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TommyK Premium
Quite right Michael, I may just stay here!!
Ultimateless Premium
At least you're on the moon! Now you can take a stroll! lol !
storm57 Premium
It is a great achievement, it has taken me months to get where I am also. And I still have a long way to go and much to learn
TommyK Premium
Thanks Gail, if we both keep plodding on i'm certain that we'll get there:)
dianegailit Premium
I think that is a great accomplishment! I am still working on Bootcamp, course 2, lesson 10 :-) I have been there for awhile......but there is no rush. Enjoy the courses. They are fantastic!
TommyK Premium
Thank you Diane. The good thing for me is that I set no timeframe on this course, there were too many unknowns for me and that took the stress out of it straight away.
JudeP Premium
You are doing great Tommy, that's the beauty of these courses that we can all work on them at our own pace. And I know what you mean about scary prospects - I knew absolutely nothing about setting up a website when I got here :)
TommyK Premium
Thank you for the vote of confidence Jude, there were a few times when I found myself glazing over trying to understand parts of the first course. However i'm through it and pushing on!!...