New Virus To Look Out For

Last Update: January 08, 2015

There is a new vitus going around that i would like to inform our community about it. It is actually right up our alley it involves online marketing technics. Here is the article from a news agency.

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pvarga Premium
Thanks for the heads-up, Tommy
Tkdmagician Premium
Wow, ive been lucky so far. Updating browser to google chrome thanks Tommy
kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks Tommy, appreciate your post. Sometimes I do wonder how far this will go. These things are just another reason for some governments to limit online access and you can't almost argue with them anymore.
My husband and I use Viper internet security, so far everything is in the green.
glycogen Premium
Thanks Tommy. I had something similar happen to my laptop about a year ago now. It claimed I had viewed child porn and demanded money to remove the message and not report me to the RCMP. Fortunately my mouse and keyboard still worked and I was able to reboot and find out how to get rid of it. Not as nasty as the one you referenced but quite scary at the time. Glyn.
T-men Premium
Wauw thanks for sharing this!
Alane267 Premium
Thanks for sharing Tommy. I always use google chrome for this reason.