Taking the plunge into the abyss of freedom or musings of a fool?

Last Update: November 04, 2015

I did it, I quit my job!

It wasn’t done in anguish or frustration; I didn’t want to do it that way. I had taken the long weekend and enjoyed myself with family and friends and when I returned home I realized that I needed to quit.

It isn’t so much “quitting”, that has such a negative connotation but, a strategic plan to move on! Well, maybe not so strategic but a plan! The “job” had served its purpose. It was now time to move on.

So I sit here on day four of my new horizon wondering just exactly what have I done! Although I have her blessings, I have put our family financials into a different shift. But I console myself knowing that I have done the right thing at the right time. Had I held onto an experience that wasn’t serving me other than provide money then I wouldn’t be respecting myself and would die a slow, painful, unhappy death. I believe there is great misunderstandings of money… topic of my next blog, stay tuned.

Instead I choose to be open to possibilities. I know, many of you are cheering saying go “Wealthy Associates”, your website is THE possibility. I hold no illusions that my website will be a cash cow, not right now at least. As with any business it will build true but, as I am new to this business and need to learn from the ground up, it would like buying a hardware business and knowing nothing about tools or building, it will be a slow process.

No, I am staying relaxed & joyful working on the reality that happiness and success are built from within, with the thoughts and feelings I focus on.

“You cannot always wait for the perfect time; sometimes you must dare to jump.”

Legal (Funny) Stuff: This is a free educational blog (donations gratefully accepted though). You are free to use this information for your own education and are 100% responsible for your use of this information. As conditions to their use, you agree that there are no guarantees of any kind and everything on this blog should be considered an opinion and thus to be used at your own risk. You further agree to hold harmless the writer of the blog from any liability or legal claims if you decide to cash your chips in and take the plunge.

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krazykat Premium
I like your opinion and I will dare to use it at my own risk :)
Good for you!
TomJacobs Premium
Thank you Val ~ wishing you all the success!
Sheila50 Premium
Well Tom Congratulations are in the works for you.
I wish I could just quit my job since I really do not like it anymore and I am going no where, but I do have to show my husband some type of income first! LOL
Great sharing with us and I sure am happy for you.
AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations , some times bold steps are what it takes to move things forward . Well done . More time to focus on your success.
TomJacobs Premium
Thank you Evan.
KatieMac Premium
A bold step, congratulations wish you every success with your new found freedom
TomJacobs Premium
Thank you Katie!
Pisquali Premium
Good luck in your new freedom life.
TomJacobs Premium
Thank you Pisquali! I hope not to depend on luck. :)