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Last Update: February 25, 2018

This writing, this blogging stuff is damned addicting!

So, I get a page and a lesson finished, crow about it in a WA-only post and eagerly jump into the next lesson, Lesson 8 in Course 2: Images

OK, cool, this is the main aspect I've been missing; what's a web page without pictures? B-O-R-I-N-G

Excitement! Images, for an amateur photo buff! Can't wait! Already know my topic! Piece O'Cake, as we Irish say it!


I can't get the right angle on my topic... It's not flowing.... Waste some time micro-examining relevant photos... Re-write the intro...

Go off and watch the news for a while.

Make dinner and then go to bed...

Why can't I sleep? What's running through my head, keeping me awake?

The intro to my new page! The organization for my new page!


Damn, this stuff is addicting!

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denara2017 Premium
%#it happens. When this happens to me, and it does, I get as comfortable as possible, completely relaxed and then start breathing deeply. Concentrate on the breathing and you will fall asleep.
buffetearns Premium
I’ve had a few nights where the mind doesn’t switch off! Lol

Cindyda1 Premium
"May the road rise to meet you" TIm! and "The rest of the day to yourself".. ;-)

Gotta little "Arish" in me too!
XavierPerez1 Premium
Sounds like me during first few weeks here at the WA. Yep sure is addicting, but I guess its part of the recipe for success. Gotta keep on moving along. Your doing fine , just fine, keep up the great work and you will see it will be worth every letter.

JamesJB Premium
Yes, it can easily become addictive...