Newbies - Don't Join Bootcamp!

Last Update: May 10, 2017

Hi fellow WA'ers, there something I've wanted to blog about for a while that is a bit anti - WA. And it's a bit controversy to many big wigs here as well. But the online make money niche/internet marketing niche is sooooooooo saturated.

If your new to WA, start with the online Entrepreneur Course and go for something that you are truly passionate about, if your not sure of how successful it will be, measure it with Google Trends and keyword research using Jaaxy

But don't just blindly think, OK, I have no niche, let's go into the Make Money Online niche. Unless that's your true passion and you can work at if for about a year before you will see any regular income - Start first with the Entrepreneur Course and create a site based on your real passions.

I've very happy with the training I received in Bootcamp and proud of the work that I put in over the last year working on my Bootcamp site, but it's so clear that there are so many WA'ers who are taking bootcamp and are basically creating the same sites.

Sites that aren't original and are all review sites of other online products and then comparing those products against WA. It's a good business model, but it's so over-killed now that it's not even funny. Even well know in the internet marketing community.

Did you see how many people made it to Las Vegas last year, those that had 300 sales in one year? It was about 7 people, 7 people that have been doing this for easily over 5 years.

I'm not knocking on WA, because it's easily the best internet marketing/website development training program online, but 7 lessons dedicated to Bootcamp, 5 dedicated to Niche Sites. Seems a little off to me.

If WA is going to continue being the best online training program, I believe more emphasis should be placed on helping people explore unique niche sites based on their passions or interest. Then go into Bootcamp later if you want.



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ERoberson Premium
I had similar thoughts about it the same as you. Although I still never ventured into the bootcamp portion of this site I thought to myself it would be a lot more worth my while to go after something I'm passionate about and sort of just hit the ground running.
tmaltz Premium
My friend, you got the point to my blog. I did the opposite, but am quite happy that I did. I learned soooo much about SEO, PPC's, Writing, Reviews, etc so I can't complain. And I have a great business from my WA site. But I do wish I had the will to do as you have done earlier.

But in hind site, I'm now better prepared to do other new niche sites (as I'm currently doing), and I'm very proud of my WA niche site.

Thanks for your feedback and good to know you Elijah, take care
ActionPlease Premium
Hi Todd, I read your blog post with great interest. I guess for a newbie (such as myself) either route will come with a huge learning curve since there is so much to grasp and apply if one wants it done correctly.
The main factor to keep in mind is that both routes will take hard work and persistence.

I'm a bit confused however.
In your blog you recommend newbies not following the bootcamp, but in the post above you stated that you did it first and are happy you did. Also that you have a great business with your WA site, and are now better prepared for launching niche sites.

Do you think you would've been more successful, and earlier with your own niche site?

Thanks for your thoughts!
tmaltz Premium
Hi Gloria, I do think I would have had more success early on with my own niche site based on my skills and passion as an Occupational Therapist.

But in hindsight, I did gain a ton of valuable skills that I may not have gleaned if I hadn't done Bootcamp, so it's tough to say

Regardless, I now know how to rank content very quickly, write quality content, and manage websites. As a matter of fact, I put my foundation to my new niche site (5 pages) and then did my first post the other day.

Within 1 day it was on page 7 of Google, today it's in position 44 and I haven't had any comments or social shares on it. So that's awesome.

And now I know how to hit the next 5 posts that will be reviews about my niche products.

So it will be an interesting experiment to see if I can get 5-6 related posts to rank quickly and make affiliate commissions right away.

Best of luck to you whichever way you decide.
ActionPlease Premium
Thanks for elaborating, Todd.
When one is starting out, it's extremely hard to know which direction to take. Especially if you have many interests but don't consider yourself to be an expert in any of them.
The last thing I want to do is throw out a site just to say I did it, but doing so prematurely.
I believe that would kill my business before it even started.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Congrats on the success with your new niche site!
tmaltz Premium
Thanks Gloria and best of luck to you too.

I wrote three posts I think you might benefit from. Here there are if you'd like to read them before making this big decisions.

This is important and I so I encourage people to go through it thoroughly.

Check them out and feel free to socially share and/or comment on the posts if they help you out or find them informative/interesting.


I'd also read them in this order.
ActionPlease Premium
Thank you, Todd. I will check them out.
magistudios Premium Plus
Hey Folks,

Thanks to Todd for opening up this discussion!
I would now like to chime in here…

Let me ask you this:
If the WA bootcamp is causing saturation within the internet marketing community AND within the search engines, Wouldn’t that mean the WA Bootcamp training works?

Think about it.. if there are a ton of WA review sites out there and YOU ARE SEEING them, it means that people are following along the training and it is working because folks are seeing the results in search.

What I DO THINK is SATURATED is the WAY people are promoting WA. Find a bad ‘make money online’ product and funnel them into your WA review. Admittedly there are a plethora of low quality make money online products out there that this angle works fine and will never go away.

** But this can easily be fixed by diversifying your marketing angle **

There are a ton of possibilities out there that you can implement into a WA bootcamp site that doesn’t deal with product reviews.

Here are some suggestions:

* profiting from hobbies
* hosting a website explained
* learn what SEO is
* watch me build a niche website
* make money while traveling
* make money during medical school
* supplement income during maternity leave
* learn local seo
* working from home ideas
* how to get a website in the search engines

There are 10 examples that you can start using right away.

My point here that a WA bootcamp site doesn’t always need to be “learn how to make money on the internet by doing affiliate marketing” - as there are a TON of other angles to go about.

I think it’s OK for people to start with a WA bootcamp niche because regardless if it works or not, IT IS going to load you with a some amazing knowledge on how to take a site and get it ranked AND how to write high converting content.

- Jay
native33 Premium
That's a great way to look at it.
tmaltz Premium
Excellent points Jay, thanks for your input
ActionPlease Premium
Jay, I appreciate you pointing out these suggestions! Thank you!
bullet Premium
Hi Todd, I do agree with some of the things you say. If you are going down the organic route with WA then yes you will struggle. There is competition with review sites for WA but then there's competition for every niche.

There's more than one way to skin a cat as they say, I'm going down the path of WA however it will be paid traffic not organic. Facebook ads pointing the customer to a free training webinar for instance. All the blogs, training etc are available through your affiliate link. I intend to make use of these and create a webinar free to attend with a bonus for people who want to join on the day.

If you know your audience, then facebook is great because you can drill down to a custom audience who are hungry for this product.
native33 Premium
To add to that Todd and along with what Boomer said, I think it will take some major patience and really digging deep into your keyword research and find those "nuggets" that gets you 1st page rankings easily so that you find the success that can be found in the Making Money Online Niche.

tmaltz Premium
Exactly, so if your passion is reviewing online internet marketing programs and pointing out scams, than Bootcamp may be for you. Or if you're into educating people on building websites, social marketing like Robert is, than bootcamp may be right for you. I'm only pointing out to those that opt in to bootcamp because they think that, "well, I'm not sure about my niche, making money online sounds good since Kyle recommends it as a big industry in Course 1, lesson 4, so I'll go with that".

And I'm really trying to encourage those folks to be patient at this stage and find something you're really interested in or passionate about before you just throw themselves into the Make Money Online Niche.

WA is getting a reputation as a company that teaches people how to make internet marketing review sites just to promote WA. When I feel they should nurture making niche sites more so.

native33 Premium
I agree with you on that my friend.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I agree with you in principle but With a few Reservations. First of all consider the type of person who would join wa. Many of them just want to make money s fast as they can. a few are older people like me who just want a stable income while working much less. some R high school level people who have no clue about life and are just learning. my viewpoint is if you have desire and passion go the entrepreneurial route and build your own thing. If you have no clue then join in Kyles business as an affiate and he will split revenue with you. I am doing both... but my affiliate side is not just WA.
tmaltz Premium
The problem is for people who are new without life experience is that they try their tails off and after 3-4 months of no income, they give up. Then there are all these similar review sites out there and they lose effect. I just think that more training by Kyle, or should I say more emphasis should be given to exploring ones passion and how to figure out if your niche is a good one to get started with. All the training is here, I just think that there should be a change with WA's approach.

For those of you reading this thread, I wrote a post about how to check out niches and you're welcome to read it here. I use Jaaxy and Google Trends to check out two health related niches.