7 Things You Need To Know Before You Quit or Cancel Wealthy Affiliate Membership


Hey WA,

I am back!

I was feeling adventurous and I decided to carry out this little experiment of mine.

Not long ago, I decided to cancel my Wealthy Affiliate membership and the process was really simple, straight forward and amazingly quick.

YES! I leave WA for a temporary break - 12 days.

During my break, I have discovered 7 interesting "Need To Knows" that you can't simply turn away if you are toying with the idea of quitting Wealthy Affiliate, cancelling your membership or simply take a hiatus.

Read this before you hit that tempting little green button and it will saves you some hassle.


1. If you have any websites hosted on Siterubix (Wealthy Affiliate). You will have a generous 30 days to complete your website migration after you decided to end your WA Premium membership.


This would means that you will need to

a) find a new hosting provider for your websites and

b) hire someone to do the migration for you or someone with the experiences.

I would suggest that you do it before you end your membership.

2. After 30 days, your websites will not be accessible. However, it will still be stored securely and retrievable (upon reactivation) if you decided to resume your membership within 2 years.

[I am not able to verify on this as it was a short break for me]


3. After stopping my membership, my premium access to my account was revoked instantly.

My account was not downgraded to free member but instead it was deactivated.

This means that you will not have any access to your dashboard, or the ability to manage your existing credits.

Do take note if you are taking a long break, you may want to cash out your credits first.


4. The good news is after I have re-activated my membership. My existing credits are still intact.



5. Once premium access is cancelled, affiliate commissions payouts are paused as well. You will not be able to receive any payouts even if you are entitled to the qualified affiliate commissions during your term as a premium member.


6. But here's the good news, if you re-activated your membership, Your affiliate commissions will still be lying around, ready to be payout on the coming month.


7. Since payout are stopped, you will probably not be credited for any new affiliates or affiliate commissions during your absence.

[I am not able to verify on this, maybe someone can share their experience]

I was impressed

One takeaway from this little experiment which wasn't found anywhere in Wealthy Affiliate.

I am probably the first one to touch on it, retention.

I was impressed on how Kyle and Carson have set up a superb retention system for members who are toying with the idea of quitting Wealthy Affiliate.

I am just curious what could be the retention rate from this little set up by Carson and Kyle.


Kyle and Carson have make it simple and easy for anyone who wants to cancel their existing membership, unlike other online programs where this cancellation process could probably take a few days and often associated with many teething problems.

I have experienced a quick and clean cancellation without any problems so rest assure that if ever there is a need or a reason for you to cancel your subscription, it can be done quick, easily and painless.

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question, If I cancel my WA membership then come back later in less than 30 days, do I still have access to my blog so I can at least update posts?

Leo has the answer to that:

Dear cjcarrillo,

Good Day!
WA may have 2 training sites related to your question.
Go to the question bar on your profile page. Type in your question or any variation of your question and see what pops up.
Two possible trainings are:
"Advising New Starters of the WA guidelines."
"Out of the Ditch and back on the Road."

Timoy has a very helpful post to review.


Please cancel my premium membership immediately. Thank you

Thank you for creating this little guide. I think it'll help people who decide they want to cancel but also have thoughts of coming back and what to know if they're membership will still be intact when re-subscribing.

At one point in my WA journey I did cancel my account, and I can verify that the process was very simple, which you also touched upon, compared to other programs I've been involved with in the past.

Also, after re-subscribing, Kyle and the support team were able to restore my website, as I hadn't moved hosts correctly. I was away from WA for a year, so was very happy to see my website again.

Just thought I'd share some of my experiences too.

Thanks again for sharing this.

I'm not willing to do the work to make money here so I want out .
Warwick selvey.
Any help to cancel out would be appreciated
Warwick selvey

Interesting info. Don't see me cancelling any time soon.


Another interesting note. It seems that all those that are your "Followers" also stay intact. VARIFIED because I got this blog.

Welcome back, Tim, hopefully for good this time. All the best...Wayne. Oh, and thanks for the info.

Thanks, Tim! This is really quite unique information.

Thanks Timoy. I have never considered canceling my membership but it is good to know what would happen if I did.thanks. Cheers Kev

Great information! I did not know the credits have cash value. I am new the community and remember one of the lessons I had to give feedback and I got a credit for it. Wasn't quite sure what they could be used for. Guess I have something to research now!

Thank you for sharing Timoy.

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