April 8 Solar Eclipse Aftermath, Snakeplants and Rainbows

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Hi everyone,

The energies of April 8 hit me hard. I felt tired and just felt the need to isolate. Practiced more meditation. And repotted my snake plant babies.

April 8 Solar Eclipse

Weeks before, I felt affected by the then upcoming solar eclipse. Felt tired. Did not feel like doing anything.

I did my best to create more content and publish them. Checked the data and, to my surprise, my meditation and spiritual website is doing much better than the make money online one. Better in the sense of higher traffic.

Is this a sign from the Universe? On which site to focus more on?


My snake plant babies that I propagated a few months ago have grown more roots. Since, I did not feel like doing much work, I decided to repot them.

Bought 5 translucent pots and potting mix that is ideal for snake plants. Do they look pretty?

I hope they will grow well and sprout babies that will all grow into long, lush leaves.


On the way to buying breakfast, saw double rainbows.

I take that as a good omen. Many cultures believe seeing rainbows is a sign of good luck. Yay!

I felt so happy when I saw the double rainbows. Actually smiled broadly at the roadside while I took photos and videos of it. Not caring what passersby thought.

With this favorable sign from the Universe, I am inspired to start working hard again on my 2 websites. I will create more content and see where it all leads to. (e.g. monitoring the traffic and see which the audience prefers)

This Wed will be another medical review. In the past, these appointments make me feel depressed. But this week, I take the rainbow and its symbolism, and will go for it with joy.

I hope the April 8 solar eclipse has been gentle to you? And you are energized this week to be more productive?


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Hope you did well on your med review.

It went well. Thank you, Dan.


Great to hear from you again Tim and it is always beneficial to take a rest when our bodies tell us to!

The Snakeplants seem to be coming along nicely there...

Interesting to see you saw a double rainbow there... I also saw one last week and took some photos of it...

I had forgotten until now... how interesting if they were on the the same day but nearly complete opposite sides of the globe...

These were taken from my phone on my balcony so please excuse the poor quality!!

These were taken at about 1920pm my time in France on the 9th of April by the way...

Take care buddy and enjoy the rest of your week!! :-)

Good to be back, Nick. :)

The snake plants look happy in their new pots. I speak to them every day and encourage them to grow well.

Thanks for the double rainbow pics! Amazing that you seen double rainbows recently too! I saw mine on 14 April around 7 am.

With so many double rainbows, I believe these are good omens. Good luck to us all!

Have a good week, buddy! :)


They do indeed Tim and I always encourage my plants to grow as well!

I'd forgotten I had taken the pics, shame we didn't see the double rainbow on the same day though... that would've been amazing!

Hopefully you are right about that buddy!


It's good that you had a rest Tim. Potting plants, eating breakfast, they all help.
Look after yourself.

Thanks, my friend.
Yes, they all help.
Now, every day I get to see the pots of snake plants. Such nice things to look at.
And I speak to them, encouraging them to grow well.

I will do my best to take care.
You too!


Hi, Tim

I was excited about the eclipse, but after it was over, I was drained. I had to nap!

I love repotting plants. Snake plants are very easy to grow. I need to repot mine, too. They are very root-bound/overgrown in my pots. I have taken leaves with some roots and just stuck them into the ground, and they are living.

Stay well and enjoy life!


Hi Teri,

I am in Singapore and didn't get to see the eclipse. Just as well it didn't happen over here. It has been raining.

Still, I did feel the effect of it. Still feeling it, I think. Today, woke up feeling so tired.

Yes, I recently discovered the joy of snake plants. So many benefits and so easy to grow.

Happy repotting! I wish you good health!


Thanks, Tim! 😎😉🥰

I think I forget the pleasure that planting something simple gives us.

The simple tasks are most often successful, and that gives us the inner reassurance that we can enjoy simple chores,

Every attempt doesn't have to be world-changing. Just a little improvement along the way.
Thanks for sharing,

Well said, Sami. I totally agree with you.
The little gardening project gave me much peace.
Now, every day I look at the pot of plants and speak to them, I feel so blessed.


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