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I'm not an architect, or an engineer. I'm not a construction professional. I'm not a physicist or a chemist. But I am a head-in-the-clouds dreamer. When I dream, I dream big, too.

By big, I mean global-impact big. Not for my personal financial gain, as much as for the challenge.

What challenge? A modular, durable, sustainable building that can be built in any climate, that will offer the opportunity to experiment with new designs and building strategies. Most importantly - the opportunity to bring cost effective, durable housing that offers the occupants the ability to live truly well!

So stay tuned! I fully intend for this to be a crowd-sourced, and open-sourced project. It is a huge challenge, but I know I can learn a lot from everyone who chooses to play a part in tackling this monumental project.

If you're interested in this concept, I'm open to all ideas!

- Thucydides

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My husband, who isn't on WA, has a number of websites on sustainable building and it is a very important concept. He built an earthbag house we lived in for some time until we moved.

Thanks for the info! I would love to learn everything I can from your husband about the earthbag construction process. I'd also love to hear your thoughts on it too!

If you go to my profile page and scroll down to where I have a few website links, the one starting with H includes a list of all his sites. He has one specifically on earthbag building. As for me, I would be lucky if I knew 10% of what he does!

Thanks! I'll take a look at those. I really appreciate the help and advice!

The Input is very valuable. Thank you, Rosana.

Hi and welcome Aaron!
This sounds like an interesting and worthwhile subject to explore.
I wish you great success!


Even if it can only change one life for the better, it'll be worth it. Some day, if I'm lucky - people anywhere can afford and build their own homes, or at least live in a building that doesn't make a person's quality of life less!

Hi, Aaron.
Paul Mindra here from Southern Ontario, Canada.
Nice first post and awesome concept.

Welcome to The Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I have an engineer friend that has a process for making concrete stronger and lighter than concrete anywhere potable water and soil can be had. The finished product actually looks like marble but 1/20th the weight. Can be formed into 4X8 sheets easily.

His original concept was to put this onto portable 18 wheelers complete with fold outs as mini factories and deliver them to areas that needed shelter after devastation from weather for example. The plans are still on the table, as funding never came about.

Perhaps, his technology can merge one day with yours. I've held and felt his end result product. It is a winner with many applications especially in remote areas.

I look forward to learning more from you, Aaron.

Kindest regards to you and to your equal half that led you here.

Be safe.


Thanks Paul. I'm very interested in your engineer friends' innovative concrete. I would love to know more about it. Funding is always a tough thing. I wish I could finance this project myself!

Hi, Aaron.
Thank you for your response.
I trust that you had success with your dentist today.

I know of this through Jessica. All good.

Projects that you have in mind and possible solutions that others have to contribute are a great thing.

The Synergy can become real.

Your's is a very 'Big Picture' which will rely on some smaller undertakings.

I'm interested. What you have might be life 'altering.'

What is the procedure to move forward in your 'comfort zone.'

Paul from Southern Ontario.

I don't have an exact direction yet. I do know that the right location will be important, since some of the parts of the design and construction will be best actualized with certain environmental conditions - i.e. flowing water, and good elevation.

Hey Aaron.
This sounds like serious consideration.
Please take your time to move it forward and in doing so, perhaps a few of us might be in a position to contribute.

You need to brand yourself. Wealthy affiliate is a good platform for you. Give Jessica huge hugs and kisses. Your journey has begun with her blessing.

Let's be in touch. There is much value here in what you are proposing.

Google 'Paul Mindra' to realize what potential can be.

Kindest regards, Aaron.


Thanks Paul, I appreciate the support. I've been considering the 'branding' proposition, but haven't settled on anything concrete, so to speak.

I will absolutely keep in touch, and look into Googling to see what potential you have to offer.

Thanks again!

Good Morning Aaron,

Yes, that is interesting. There is a big need for houses like that.
You can build a house with hemp, have you heard about that.?

Another thing one has to consider is the constant increase of radiation, with 5G there will be no escaping anymore. Houses need to be prepared so that at least while being inside one is protected.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

That's an amazing point. I had not given the whole 5G radiation increase consideration for this project - but I certainly should.

I had also hoped that if this 'prototype' version proved successful, it could be adapted to serve as habitable biospheres on Mars, for example.

Thanks for the great point!

As we are messing up Mother Earth we might have to move to Mars eventually.
5G is extremely serious, no protection will be too much.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

I have been hearing that 5G is going to prove far more dangerous than I had expected. My wife just reminded me of this a day or two ago.

I'm really not sure how to mitigate the risks of this kind of radiation - aside from a Faraday cage. That would likely prove difficult to implement, though.

Good Morning Aaron,

On the market, you will find paints which you can put on the wall of your house. Then there are companies who sell little devices which you can wear and bigger ones you can put in the house to create a radiation-free space.
As there are no studies yet about the negative effects of 5G but more than enough studies on 3 and 4 G one does not need any imagination to know 5G is awful. as it is so much stronger.
20.000 satellites up in space will fry us like Kentucky chickens, I suppose that by that time people will have come to realize that 5G was a very bad invention.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

I'll have to look in to those paints and devices. I'm familiar with some forms of electromagnetic countermeasures, and composite materials that are radiation absorbing.

Thanks again for the good advice!

On both my websites I have written about the different types of radiation.
Recently I wrote a WA post on 5G which kicked up quite some dust.

All the best, Taetske

Those devices and paints sound really interesting Taetske! 5G sounds terrifying.

I looked at your websites. It is very scary indeed. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to signing the petition.

Wonderful idea. I look forward to hearing more.

Thanks! I'll keep everyone posted!

Sounds really exciting. Will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck and glad you finally got a chance to get started.

Thanks! I'm sure it'll take time, and a lot of hard work.

Well, you have great built-in support. That is helpful.

I do, and she is wonderful!

Sounds amazing! Looking forward to learning all about it!

As am I! With a lot of help, I think it has amazing potential.

Awesome. I wish you all the very best👍


Thanks so much!

Really great idea!

Wish you tremendous success with it!


Thank you! If it makes even a little difference, that's a huge reward!.

I am so glad to see you moving forward with this long-time dream! Congratulations! WA will give you a great way to build the kind of large scale collaborative website needed for such an endeavor.

Thank you, my dear. I wouldn't be here without your encouragement!

You are welcome. From here I am sure you will surpass me!

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