My achievements so far. And appreciation!

Last Update: March 07, 2017

this is my first blog since I've been here... As a matter of fact it's my first blog I have ever done LOL... I just want to say that in the short time that I've been here and looking around.... I absolutely love this place.... I have gone yearly in my membership.... And doing the courses.... Stumbling along and trying to figure all this out..... I am in Boot Camp now.... And was anticipating starting my website today.... It is online but I need to add content .... I ended up at the hospital with my mother today.... She is 89 years old and lives in the home... She has dementia and I take care of all her needs.... Anyway while I'm here at the hospital instead of building my website I'm just going through all my emails today and looking through more information... And continuing to learn and utilizing my time.. As for my mother she was going to be OK! Again.. I love everything that I'm seeing here,and all the people... And all the successes.. And I just want to thank everyone for all the posts, and encouragement. I am very impressed! I have never seen so many positive people in one place..Thank you all!!!

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ThomasPye Premium
Thank you all...I'm getting braver....and yes this is an awesome community of people.....I will be here for a long time...looking forward to next year being full time hear! And not having a boss!!!
PeterVX Premium
Pretty good post for a first time blogger! Keep up the good work.
spurway Premium Plus
hey , it is the first time , we have to get started somehow .
The first step to success is get started and take action.
You done it , you overcome the first hurdle . Keep going
cheers Sylvia
RichBrennan Premium Plus
Well done on getting off the starting blocks, Tom - onwards and upwards! I hope all works out ok with your Mum, it can't be easy for you. Just do what you can when you can around your other priorities and this will work for you. Doing what you were doing in the hospital while you were with your Mum is still being active in your business and it will all count towards your ultimate success. Wishing you all the best :-)
JeffWhenman Premium
It is a great community, if I can be of any help, let know.