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April 25, 2017
So I made the top 200! I just want to sat thank you, toall here at WA for sharing all the information, that I have received. I really do appreciated it! As I'm still new to all this, and still working many hours at my day job. And of course spending time with family. It has made it a longer process for me but I'm slowly getting along. Actually the only reason I made it here, is I check and respond to almost all my messages, which are over 100 a day sometimes. I take advantage of the fact that
March 09, 2017
Just got notification my site has been indexed on Google....makes me feel pretty good..
this is my first blog since I've been here... As a matter of fact it's my first blog I have ever done LOL... I just want to say that in the short time that I've been here and looking around.... I absolutely love this place.... I have gone yearly in my membership.... And doing the courses.... Stumbling along and trying to figure all this out..... I am in Boot Camp now.... And was anticipating starting my website today.... It is online but I need to add content .... I ended up at the hospital wi