Deep Homework - Authority Site Lists

Last Update: December 23, 2016

I'm getting to that point in my journey now, where I'm starting to realize-

Site visitor results can be influenced greatly, by the amount of necessary and recurring information one is willing to put on one's site - and that's deep homework.....

1) You have to concern yourself with everything your niche group will need.

2) You have to know where they can get further tested information in their local area, if that's applicable.

3) You need a good knowledge of, and relationship with, Authority Sites.

4) You need time for people to notice this.

Sometimes, it's so easy to overlook the obvious. I go on niche sites which have immediately applicable information, in some cases, points of registering for things people can get involved in. And they're a great source of what is happening right now, seasonally, as well as help connect centres. These are not things that can be acquired in a few short days, this takes research and building relationships with professionals and active people in the field.

I have so often just overlooked the obvious. Until one day, when all I did was google the words "Authority Site" , in my niche.....

And now, I have my homework cut out for me, added to the homework I'm already on......☺

Have a restful Christmas, and a promising New Year as a hub and meeting place for your niche!



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jtaienao Premium
Thanks for sharing this Therese.

theresroth Premium
Gladly done, Jerome, I'm happy you like it!☺
reanna1 Premium
Good points, Therese! Cheers!
theresroth Premium
Thank you, Rebecca!
It's so important to love what we do, because we'll dive deeply into it☺
gifted76 Premium
standing on the shoulder of giants
theresroth Premium
Yes, Jumaane, exactly!

Thanks for your visit:-)
mickeyb123 Premium
This makes ssoooo much sense!

Research, study, checking things out and writing about all of it!

theresroth Premium
Thanks, Mickey!
newy219 Premium
Good information! It makes complete sense to not only be aware of authority sites within your niche but to actively comment on them and be involved. Thanks for the post.
theresroth Premium
Thank you for your appreciation, Daniel, I'm glad you found it useful!:-)