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Last Update: January 30, 2017

No! No! I don't mean WA!

I see absolutely no reason to unsubcribe all the trainings and professional-level material that is put out here daily, I'd be cutting myself off from a lifetime of learning and online improvement......

No, I mean other things...... I'm writing this from the point of view of a consumer. Yes, a consumer who also strives to be a producer, a marketer.

Online Messy Syndrome

On the Internet, you can lose yourself. So many fields of interest and connectivity, so many opportunities to improve your stance in life, so many perfect products and perfect services...... So many people, desparate to sell to you. You see things right up your alley.

You subscribe to newsletters of exciting people and organizations. And your inbox starts to become an Internet of its own..... You subscribe to friends. To acquaintances. You research their offers, more often than you care to remember, although you may have a good discipline in your daily planning. But something's always hidden in there, that perks your interest....for a day.

You start noticing that you cut pieces off your strict weekly planning, again! You feel more drained, your concentration is frazzled, maybe even split up into different avenues.

Your original goal is showing signs of aging before its time. Why? The focus is loosening, because it moves in too many different directions on a given day. Oh, that newsletter again.... Don't remember what exactly it was that fascinated me enough to subscribe....

But I can't unsubscribe, it's a friend.... It's a good source. Our communication is so in-depth, even though I know I'll never....ahm!

Your boat of focus has developed leaks and is starting to sink......

Friends, this is what's happening to the 97%.....

......or however many there are, who don't ask themselves the following questions:

1) Will this newsletter still interest me in a month's time?

2) Does this have something to do with a realistic future?

3) Will this product or service still give me pleasure in three weeks, does it match the type of person I am, sufficiently?

Because initial excitement that doesn't harmonize with your personality, your future plans or the type of human being you are, cannot last, it quickly needs a fix, and then develops a leak in a new place.....

Isn't this an Anti-Marketing way of thinking?

Do you really think so? The drain of energy many consumers feel today, also drains their ability to decide! Everyone has a need or many, and the urge to cover that aching is there, so sometimes, it's not a real decision that is made, just a quick one.

And the leaks increase in numbers as time goes on, unless a person stops themselves short. And dares to unsubscribe. All things that he/she knows will not meet the three criteria listed above.

A consumer who does this, is taking back their energy. Re-claiming their ability to plan. Their ability to decide. And this is GOOD for marketing! Wouldn't you rather have customers who decide once, and STAY decided?

But educating the public this way is impossible!

....you may say, and you'd probably be right. So what to do? Start with yourself. What are my habits, am I a victim of Online Messy Syndrome? Is the energy of my commitment to my endeavor still clear enough, and strong enough? Sharp enough to develop a feel for the people who truly harmonize with what I have to offer? Prevading enough to be able to discern how to address them in my writing? Or does my budding project have a leak, blurring my aim for that bull's eye of real needs of a real group of people?

It's an interesting debate which can develop, when one places onesself in the shoes of a consumer, one perhaps unable to zero in on a commitment, or one who has recognized the signs of the times, and has the good fortune to stumble across a marketer who has recognized that his/her product will stand the test of time for them....

I'm interested to hear your views on this approach, and the type of thinking strategies it could engage...

Thank you for reading, my friends!



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AlexEvans Premium
At least once a month do a stock take the world will not end if we push the unsubscribe button.
theresroth Premium
Exactly, Alexander, and no one will die or get sick. And our energy will be there for our readers and clients....
Thank you for visiting!:-)
JeanBrickley Premium
Even trying to keep up on the WA site can be a hugh distraction. I can easily spend 4 to 6 hours on here and I'm still way behind and have to skip many posts. I got on Facebook now and keep getting notifications. Another distraction. Moan. I don't want to get lost in cyber world. In a regular job you spend 8 hours a day. There is flexibility here; but on days that life isn't interfering I can spend 12 to 16 hours, and maybe more, into the wee hours of the morning on the phone or computer. And I'm only managing one post on my week on my site. I'm either there or coming up on online messy syndrome. And it will only get worse unless I do something. Thanks Therese.
theresroth Premium
I feel you, Jeannie! And this is exactly what is happening to millions of people....

I sometimes think there should be some sort of subject in the public schools' curriculum to explain this phenomenon, and teach ways to focus onesself and preserve one's natural energy of concentration.....

Definately a niche for someone to explore....

And I think the problem is compounded for us who have our businesses online. There is always a popup or two or three....
JeanBrickley Premium
Yes. I am going to take some time off soon and see if I can re evaluate and reorganize...well, just re-everything! Lol.
theresroth Premium
Looks like we share a boat there, my friend...:-)
JeanBrickley Premium
Well, I'm glad not in the boat alone. Maybe we will just sail away somewhere where everything has a place and everything is in its place. Lol.
AwesomeWoman Premium
Spring cleaning in the digital universe! ~ t
theresroth Premium
Yes indeed☺
TitaWorks Premium
De-cluttering always brings up issues. Not de-cluttering compounds them. (Sigh!)
theresroth Premium
How right you are, thanks for your comment!
And I think, even if issues do come, the increased room for clarity is worth it....:-)
KMeyer Premium
Thanks for sharing. Interesting perspective.
theresroth Premium
And thank you for reading and commenting, Kevin!