Lessons Complete!

Last Update: February 16, 2019

Yay! I finished my training!

I am amazed at what I have accomplished in less than two months with this program.

  • I have completed all the lessons in the training.
  • I have created three healthy new websites.
  • I have networked with many amazing people.
  • I have made new friends.
  • I have made it over countless obstacles.
  • I have made mistakes, fixed them (with help), and learned from them.
  • I have learned enough to be able to help others.
  • I have learned all sorts of interesting things and visited beautiful places through reading other's websites.
  • I have re-written the script of my life.
  • I have found a career that I love!

Moving ahead:

  • I am going to go back to the beginning of the lessons and review them, spending more time in the classrooms because I know that I have overlooked things that I didn't quite "get" the first time and created gaps.
  • I am going to create content, content, content!
  • I have plans for additional websites.
  • I am going to continue to love my new life and enjoy the benefits and freedom that it provides me.

Thank you!

Thank you, beautiful community, for walking with me through every step of the process! I appreciate your quick and clear answers to all of my questions and the honest feedback, good and bad, about my sites. Thank you for the hours upon hours that you spend commenting on posts, giving feedback on sites, answering questions, and sharing your expertise through additional training.

Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for creating this amazing opportunity and sharing it in a newbie-friendly format.

Thank you, SZev, for providing the only life-changing pop-up ad that I have ever or will ever click on and for your additional support throughout this process.

I'm looking forward to a long life ahead doing more of what I love within this awesome community.


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Barley1 Premium
Great work Theresa. Keep up the good work.

TheresaHorn Premium
Thanks, Danny.
PaulyMac Premium
So proud of your accomplishments, Theresa! Great moving forward strategy.

I am planning to do the same when I get certified.

Brilliantly done!

All the very Best to our Success!

TheresaHorn Premium
Thank you, Paul.
BrianPerisho Premium
Congratulations 🎉
TheresaHorn Premium
Thank you.
sikick Premium
This is a great achievement and having commented on one of your sites I can clearly see you have a bright future!

All the very best Theresa :)

Best wishes

TheresaHorn Premium
MWhitesell Premium
Congratulations Theresa! I'm glad you're doing so well on the program.
TheresaHorn Premium
Thank you. Wishing you well at WA!