I made a very big mistake by not

Last Update: October 04, 2017

Hello my dear friends,

As you may have noted, I was a bit rare on the platform. No blogs, no questions, no training, no live chat. My Wealthy Affiliate rank has moved down, down and down, until today it's at 99. No worries because... I'm enjoying Jaaxy.

On 03/Sept, I upgraded to Jaaxy Pro. So today it's one month that I have been using Jaaxy. On 03/Sept when I upgraded, a few members wanted me to share my experience with it. So here you are:

I made a very big mistake by not upgrading when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate last year.

Jaaxy is so wonderful, I'm really enjoying it. Each time I'm on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I cannot prevent myself from spending most of my time on Jaaxy (of course including my websites as well). I'm addicted to it.

Here are some results that I got:




So now I have to leave, sorry to be very brief.

Jaaxy is waiting for me.

All the best


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jtaienao Premium
Wow, excellent results Usiba. Jaaxy is definitely the top keyword tool.
TheBuilder Premium
Yes Jerome, no doubt. Thx.
Fmarabate Premium
Jaaxy is great! Still, need to learn more about it. Very glad I got the upgrade.
TheBuilder Premium
I'm happy too. Thank you my dear friend.
Loes Premium
I did the upgrade too and found also some amazing keywords
TheBuilder Premium
Wonderful, thank you Loes.
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
You can say hello to Jaaxy for me. I am loving it as well. We made the right choice.
TheBuilder Premium
Indeed a good choice. Thx.
TaniaHersel Premium
I actually was wondering where you are had gone. Thanks for the brief info.
TheBuilder Premium
You are welcome my dear Tania.