'My Journey To $10,000.00 a Month" : Spending Too Much Time On My Website Instead of Writing"

Last Update: March 11, 2013
Most of my time was spent on getting my site to look better by adding some widgets and Pics and an opt-In. hmmm somehow I think I have gotten sidetracked from just following my training and moving forward so that I can get content out and worry about making my pages to look better later. I think many of us fall into this trap. I need to get back on track with my training as I am falling behind.

Tomorrow I will get back into my training in hopes of moving forward with the program. I tend to get sidetracked with so much information and because I want to know everything. Some of the how to videos are so good, but then I start jumping from one video to another. Though I'm learning a lot, I do need to start implementing whats in my training...and so I will.

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Sachindere Premium
I am so guilty of this.......
missng820 Premium
same problem here! but I think it's more crucial for your website to look good - cos who wants to read a whole lot of content these days!? And it takes me about 20mins just to learn 1 new thing, then another REST OF THE NIGHT to figure out how to implement it. And then it never works out to what i want to look like! Everything requires Premium Upgrades ay....
wtbee2013 Premium
I stand up and say me too
scottyb2good Premium
Same here ! I stay in chat too long but I do learn a lot in chat. I also need to spend more time with the training. Good point. Scotty
ThomasPaul Premium
I think it's ok to work on the design of your site every once in a while. I would definitely just work on it a little bit each day.

Maybe set aside 20 minutes a day just to work on the site itself. Or perhaps let yourself work on the design after you've done all of your content writing for the day?
The Crazy Guru Premium
I will do that 20 minutes sounds good. thanks