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"Follow Your Passion And You Will Be Successful" ...Cliche'?...perhaps. But what if your passion Isn't profitable? Hmmm... Something To think about. It depends on who you ask. Some will say that when Picking A Niche this is the least important, others... not so much. Picking your profitable e-commerce niche by way of your passion may not be the best way to make a decision. There may be other elements involved when picking your niche'I have a criteria list of how to select my niche an
My nature is go big, everything BIG! But I have been wondering, wondering if its better to promote my Internet business on a "Local level" rather than on a "Global Level". My first instinct is to want to get as much as I can, make as much as I can as fast as I can. But reality sets in and sometimes as they say "More is not necessarily more, sometimes less is more" and I'm beginning to think that this may be the case, I also think it would take the pressure off, cause it seems that just the
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I thought I'd write today about my blog "My Journey To $10,000.00 a Month. Recently I was told that my blog could be on the internet and my title could attract the wrong people and target me or my company. Needless to say that freaked me out!. I know that in the past it has freaked me out to see that so much of what I do is on the internet, I found on the internet the other day where it said "this person also owns other websites" etc. and also my address etc.Its scary to see how our private
Most of my time was spent on getting my site to look better by adding some widgets and Pics and an opt-In. hmmm somehow I think I have gotten sidetracked from just following my training and moving forward so that I can get content out and worry about making my pages to look better later. I think many of us fall into this trap. I need to get back on track with my training as I am falling behind. Tomorrow I will get back into my training in hopes of moving forward with the program. I tend to get
In keeping with my training I watched a training video "Understanding the importance of Keywords". Despite going through Mastering keywords this shed some light on the fact that despite its title "Understanding the importance of keywords" my take away is to understand NOT to put too much importance on the keywords as its not our primary goal, as our goal is to direct our attention on the reader, to engage the reader. Basically I need to speak to my imaginary friend (my reader) so that it comes
It didn't take long to realize that though the "Certification Courses" are my primary training to learning, growing and succeeding, I still need to compliment that training with more training. If I am to become an expert in this business I need to expand my learning. I have blocked a certain amount of time on a particular day for my additional training. I would do the occasional tutorial, but it needed to be more. A sign that I needed to add training on a certain subject is when I start aski
I completed my article for my Hub Page and opened my account. I ran into a snag when it said in my tasks that I needed to create a page that was relevant to my article. Since my article was a how to I decided to add a "how to..." page, that way I can add several "how to" ideas in that page and have it grow. I'm going to look for some pictures that are relevant for my pages. I think I will look for some training's tomorrow for word press cause I need to learn more about the page layouts
Well, I ran the hill and I completed my article. These were my goals for today. first thing this morning I checked street articles to see if I saved my draft...but it was not, so I had to rewrite the article look up all the info. as I had nothing saved when my computer decided to take a nap. a lesson to be learned here, "save" every step of the way, cause you never know. Its now time to move forward, I will be writing a new article and I will be submitting it to a new directory i.e.ezinearticles
O.k so it took me a couple hours (lol). Its my first article, I think I over did it on the research, spent too much time on the keywords, had my keywords, then changed them (ugh). Once I completed it I actually was very pleased for it being my first article. By the way I personally used the "Organic Milk Case Study" that you can find here at WA, it was written by Kyle. It totally helped me from beginning to end while I was writing my article. And then a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix.
Its article day, I have reached the point of article writing. I have my account with Street Articles, and I have my keyword, and I have begun the task of writing my article number 1. Dispite the intense scrutiny and the bad wrap article writing has had, Im quite looking forward to completing my article. Suffice it to say it will not be my best writing, but I am enjoying the process, because after all MY passion is starting online internet businesses, so for me its a bit different in that it co