My business paid for my flight ticket as I landed abroad.

Last Update: April 30, 2022

Hey guys

I hope you are doing good. It has been long since I wrote a blog here but I just wanted to do a small blog of motivation with my results that shows how powerful the business we are building at Wealthy affiliate is.

So yesterday I took a flight for holiday to another country and this was purely for me to go relax.

I am already living in another country (which is not my home country) since I became a digital nomad in 2019.

Anyways when I landed at my destination of my holiday country (Armenia) I could not believe I had made $500 which basically paid back my ticket for the flight and that happened in just that one day.(Check below).

But here is what is more interesting...

This is an old blog that I hardly focus on since I have another one that has become my main one.

So making this money is big and here are the things that it highlights

  1. You get paid for work you did years ago
  2. If you do not give up you will get paid when you do not expect
  3. Nothing goes unnoticed
  4. Training at WA is powerful and still works.

Let me highlight each of these briefly:

  • You get paid for work you did years ago

I did not expect that I would make money but when I saw this I was over the moon because it meant my business gave me a free flight ticket.

This is what passive income is, you get paid while you sleep of traveling.

  • If you do not give up you will get paid when you do not expect

Often I see a lot of people giving up quickly in this business without seeing results. However, the foundations on your blog are what will make your blog powerful.

Just because you can not see something it does not mean Google can not see it. Think of your blog like a seed.

  • Nothing goes unnoticed

By this I mean if you follow the right training here at WA then you will eventually be recognized because google will see you are doing something right.

  • Training at WA is powerful

If my blog could give me this amount passively imagine if you had the same thing and you were working on it constantly using the same training?

Or if I had kept focusing on it.

The training is powerful.

I hope this was able to motivate someone on their journey and I wish you all the best with your businesses.

PS: Something similar happened in December with it but I did not blog about it.

Kind regards


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Lebogang22 Premium
Hi Thabo. Great post and I agree with you 100%. My first website from 2018 that I had given up putting effort in on, all of a sudden started ranking and earned almost R25,000 last month from just one post!

It also taught me an important lesson: Never delete a website after you have put work into it (I have deleted 2 before 😅). You never know what might come of it in the future.
AnnPretorius Premium
Wow! That's great Thabo,
As a fellow South-African, this is very encouraging.
Wishing you much success.

ValerieJoy Premium Plus
That's great to know, Thabo.
Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your success!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well done, Thabo, and also very wise words and motivation, my friend!

Feochadan Premium Plus
I’m stoked now! Thank you for such an encouraging post. CONGRATULATIONS!!!