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Hey guysI hope you are doing good. It has been long since I wrote a blog here but I just wanted to do a small blog of motivation with my results that shows how powerful the business we are building at Wealthy affiliate is.So yesterday I took a flight for holiday to another country and this was purely for me to go relax. I am already living in another country (which is not my home country) since I became a digital nomad in 2019.Anyways when I landed at my destination of my holiday country (Armen
Hello guysThis is just question for those who would know how to resolve this. Recently I have had an error when uploading rich snippet and I could not solve it.Does anyone perhaps know how to slove this error.Below is the screenshot
Hello guys I hope all of you are good today wherever you are.Today I wanted to point out something which could literally help your online business skyrocket.Are you ready?Well as you read the title I said you must forget motivation.The thing with a business is that it is more like you are building a house and this will require a different mindset.Motivation is something which you look for from the outside in order to move forward.I am sure you have seen or heard the saying that "motivation is w
Hello Wealthy Affiliate family. I hope you are all good.I wanted to inform you as my family that my website is finally in the four figure income.The consistency of sales is what confirms it.Last time I did post about making my first $2000 in a week on my article called My first $2000 in my online business in over a week.Many members asked me to keep them updated on my progress and earnings although I had said I will not be posting my results for long until I reaching my goals of $2000 per month
Hello everyone. Today I wanted to talk about ways which have been effective when it comes to my business increasing.These are just methods which I have experimented with over the last few months.Remember that if you do not have proper traffic it does not matter how good your website is.So Let me get straight to the points:Focus on Long tail keywordsThis is perhaps one of the most important aspect of getting traffic. Google actually tends to be in favor of long-tailed keywords instead of short o
Many things can brighten our day but those which reward us of our hard work are one of the most cherished celebrations.Today I wanted to share one of my achivements with you.My online business has really paid off and I take this day to not really work and celebrate my success.As I have been sharing my success on some occassions, this has to be my highest mile stone for my business online.This week I was able to make $ 2000 sales over a week and this was just from one of my sites.Below is the sc
Hello guysCan someone assist which one here is the free Wealthy affiliate membership between the Main link and the create Account? Is it the Premuim promo or the main link or the create account link
Just a progress on my success on my online business.Today I am over the moon with gratitute and I wanted to share the news with everyone.Hopefully this gives some person courage and motivation for their business.To say that affilate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life would be and understatement.Over the months it has been a great one for my online business and the work that I have put over the months is paying off so much.I have two websites and you can image how challenging t
Hey EveryoneI hope you are all doing well. I am writing today to say that I have landed a freelance opportunity.I have been asked to help with revamping the website of a company and also maintaining their website, do content etc.Their website is pretty lacking and their content and social media needs work.As I will be doing this work I am having trouble giving them my price. I have done tons of research but I am still stuck.Could you help suggest the price I could put on this. If someone has do
So I have just got back from my holiday in Cambodia and many things have since happened on my website. As you guys know that one of my new websites has been picking up well recently and has started with sales with my first sales that I wrote about the last time (you can read it on my post called my site getting sales finally).Now it is really starting to pick up consistently with sales.How I got paid while on holiday last week on my websiteLast weekend I went on vacation to relax and to end off