14 days, 14K.

Last Update: Dec 10, 2018

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My progress so far.

About 2 weeks (14 days) since I joined WA on Black Friday Sale. Also, today is my birthday. Adding in 2 more years, I will be almost half a century old. Cry. Anyway, I will be one more year wiser. Definitely, with WA!

Noticed my ranking was somewhere 236K when I just started. I could not remember the exact figure. Looking at it, 14 days, 14K(14230). What a coincident! Of course, the mathematical formula on ranking is not working in this way. Maybe I need to get a lottery ticket. Kidding.

Only until when I completed the training at Level 2 about the ranking in WA, then I know what is happening. OMG! That means the top ranking entrepreneurs are really amazing! They must have put in a lot of effort. Really admire them. One day, I’ll also be the same!

What I need to do now is to complete my level 2 training where I got stuck for a long time (Think more than a week or slightly more. Oops). With procrastination and fear of writing, which is not my cup of tea. Including this blog but a post to the website seems more stressful to me. Ha. Also, I am trying to look out for a job to sustain for the period while I build my successful business. What Kyle has mentioned is right, do something I hate but must know this is critical for my business. I must constantly train myself to do more write-ups. Moving forward, I also need to speed up on my English and training. Ganbate!

In a few days' time, I will be going on a one-week trip with my friends. I already have a plan to bring along my iPad. Although it is not so convenient compared to using a laptop.

I’ll be ‘on guard’ anytime when I have the WiFi available. No WiFi-No life! Lol.

Take care and wishing all, Greater success at WA! :o)


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Happy B-day Terand, age is just a number.....

As long you're busy with the training there is progress.

Adding content to your site is vital for your business, even if your getting cold feet about writing posts for your site, JUST DO IT...

Wishing you the best of results.

Have the most inspirational week,

Thank you for your well wishes and advice, Kurt! Wishing you best of success too! :o) Good night 😀

Congratulations on Level 2!

Don't worry about the writing, it gets easier to do as you go!

Thank you, Chad! Will do! :o)

Happy Birthday Terand!

Awesome 2 weeks achievements!


Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Zed! You are always around! I am about to turn in soon. Not another late night till 5 am like last night. Not good for health. Ha. Good day to you! :o)


Yes, Godspeed! 👍😉

Play 1414 on the Win 4 :)

Lol. Thanks :o)

Happy Birthday!!! Remember, you can always write on paper if you need to. Then you can type it up when you get back to your laptop.

Best wishes.

Thank you Sondra for the follow. Best wishes! :o)

Keep it up Terand!!
You're doing GREAT!

Thank you, Shaunna! :o)

Sounds like your working consistently, that is the key! Just keep writing, it does get easier.

Here's to success!


Yes, Cora! Thank you! :o)

Exellent Terand.

Keep it up. The writing will get easier with more experience.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Thank you for your well wishes and advice, Mitchguy!

Excellent progress, keep it up! I dream of being able to work with an iPad instead of the iPhone I’m using now!
Best wishes moving forwards,

Thank you, Stephen! Wish your dream can come through! Best wishes too! :o)

Congrats! ... and Happy B'Day.

Thank you, Oscar! :o)

Great job, Terand! I know you'll be successful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Thank you, Madeline! :o)

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