Overload equals nothing. Spring Cleaning is needed!

Last Update: March 25, 2017

I was getting on very well with WA and was feeling very confident that I would make progress consistently. BUT life has got in the way and I have come to a complete stop.

I decided to have a little look at exactly what has been going on and it is really simple...

When my life got overloaded, and my time was squeezed, WA disappeared off the agenda. If I am honest, so did some of my other rituals.

I am a morning person and, because of not getting enough sleep, I have been sleeping in and therefore have not done my usual morning rituals which included WA.

Now - I used to do WA in the morning ... but I was overloaded in the evenings and going to bed later than normal. This EVENING overload meant my MORNING rituals went by the way side. Everything has a knock on effect. Taking everything into account, it was my evening overload which was reducing my WA success.

The things I need to do to be successful at WA are:

  • Go to bed earlier
  • Get better sleep
  • Get up earlier
  • Schedule WA into my morning rituals


3 out of 4 things above has nothing to do with WA or my tech knowledge ... so I need to schedule my evenings thinking about what I will be doing in the morning.

What is standing in YOUR way of success? Maybe take stock today and make a change. Spring Clean your life to improve your WA activity and success.

Tonight, I am going to bed early. See you all tomorrow morning, folks!

Gillian x

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kasage00 Premium
Definitely my current job is standing in the way. It's very dead-end, I'm not learning new skills, and there's no chance of advancement. I am now in the process of leaving, and my 2-week notice is heading their way. I've been planning that for a long time and now I found what I've been looking for -self-employment. More money and more traveling coming soon!
MKearns Premium
Sometimes you have to ruthlessly throw out clutter for spring cleaning anywhere!
vanbot Premium
Yes, Gillian, I know exactly what you are talking about, getting ourselves into a good routine that works can really help, getting out of that routine due to insomnia is a real pain in the bum.

What I did was take a chamomile and lavender essential oil bath at night, three drops of each, then straight to bed. I also wrote myself a to-do list for the next day, until the new routine became automatic. I am lazy but ticking off those jobs does make you feel good. Hope this helps:-))Steph
Techiescot Premium
Hi Steph,

Thanks for the advice but I have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and have been told not to have baths and definitely not to have anything in my bath! Boo hiss.

I have chamomile tea and lavender in my diffuser ... just need to go to sleep earlier.


vanbot Premium
So sorry to hear about your health problems Gillian, and not allowed to take a bath, showers are good, but if somebody said to me "bath not allowed" it is all I would want, still I am an awkward cow at times.

I do hope that you feel better soon, or that the doctor gives you good tablets at least. Take care of yourself.:-))Steph
Techiescot Premium
I am craving a bath but I have decided to save it for VERY special occasions and make it even more enjoyable. We have to deny ourselves some pleasures now and again ... :-)
Balloons29 Premium
I know the feeling, Techie. I feel I am not moving forward at all on WA at the moment. I was trying to overcompensate by working morning, noon and night. So had your same symptoms.
So things are still going very slowly but I have been trying to treat WA asa job. I have stopped working in the evening and in each commercial break! Running ourselves into the ground will not us any good. I am glad I got that off my chest to someone (you).
Techiescot Premium
Yes, we all need down time too. I was going great guns but then I got out of step and I seemed to lose my stride.

Hoping to be back at it tomorrow.

Thanks for connecting again. Hopefully, we will manage to get together at some point.

All the point

Calmkoala Premium
Thanks for the motivation! Spring cleaning coming up, Sue :)
Techiescot Premium
That is great, Sue. We all find ourselves needing a motivation boost now and again. I certainly do and I am taking your comment as further motivation for me!

Spring Cleaning in progress!!!

All the best