When do you Stop Giving the Money Excuse? The Buck Stops HERE.

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It's a funny picture I chose right? It's a lion and it really has nothing to do with money.

...Or does it?

In this case, I added that picture because I want you to get angry and aggressive in this post. I want you to feel infuriated enough to run miles, to punch a hole in a punching bag, or to lift more than 100lbs.

The lion with his teeth out is the perfect picture of the rage I want you to have.

It's the level of rage that causes a mom to fight for her kids or a husband to fight for his wife. It's that level of rage no one should want to get in front of because when they see you they know they can get hurt.


Get angry with every time you say to yourself "I don't have enough money". Get angry every time you feel constricted by your budget and take that extreme level of rage and break yourself free!

Free from What?

I've been in every circle of financial enthusiasts (I think, but I might be exaggerating a bit--hahaha). Some tell you to get debt to make money, some tell you all debt is wrong, and some tell you a confused mashup of the two.

I've also heard people who say "live below your means", but when do we talk about "changing the means"? When do we stop "living below our means" and letting our "means" be the excuse for why we don't raise our "means"? That's where I am now. I'm all in on "raising my means" and I want to hear more people talk like that.

My motto is "I don't want to live below my means. I want to raise my means!"--that's social media postable, by the way.

I've lived below my means even when my means went down below where I ever wanted to go, and it wasn't fun. I had to eliminate alot of things. My family and relationships were more strained, and overall, my life wasn't very happy. I decided that philosophy to live below my means doesn't work!

Since I've decided to focus on making my means go up, life has changed drastically. I find myself challenging myself, feeling in full control, analyzing every time I say "This is out of my budget" and instead, reshifting that conversation with myself to say "This will be in my budget by...".

Do you see the difference in that?

You and I want to live the best life we can live and some conversations we have with ourselves can really be like shackles and bondage. When we're always using the budget to constrict our dreams and desires, it drives us closer and closer to the mediocre (or worse) version of ourselves. Instead, you have control of your budget and your means especially with the knowledge you're taught here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We have a commission based income and our means goes up with every sale we make. We are taught how to make sales at crazy volumes and the best and largest companies of our times are making the sales the exact ways we're being taught here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We own our economy! Income is the beginning of any economy. For some people, they are detached from the beginning of the income in their job. For example, they work as a secretary or HR specialist, so their job isn't connected to income-producing activities, so it becomes difficult to imagine how the economy starts.

As an affiliate, you're directly connected to the beginning of your household economy. You can control the influx of our income by producing sales. The more you produce, the more money you make. When you produce, you make a person with a problem, your hungry family, and a merchant who needs more customers happy at the same time.

As a result, your means can continue to increase. You don't have to stay constricted because you're tied to a salary that pays a set amount. Absolutely not! Instead, you can find an affiliate partner with good products and send customers their way. The more customers you send to them, the more you get paid. You can find an audience that has problems and find solutions for them. The more matchmaking you do between problem and solution, the more money you make. It's amazing!

Do this with your Rage

There are some things you know you need or you know you want. Every time you find yourself looking at something you "can't afford" but you want, I want you to write a date for when you can afford it.

Take the desire you have for owning what you want (but can't afford today) and throw that rage into your business.

Work your butt off to get from where you are to where you want to go

Acknowledge that it's going to be a challenge to get from where you are, but YOU CAN DO IT

Let no excuse be big enough. Attack each excuse like a lion who is attacking its prey.

My Question to You

  • When will you stop giving the money excuse?
  • When will you stop saying "not now" and start saying "when"?

I'm stopping. I'm going from "I can't" to "I can on ...date" -- It's a habit that takes repetition, but I'm going for it! Will you go with me?

Leave your comments below. I can't wait to hear back from you.

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Great Post! I think you said it all! I think you have to get mad at your situation and want to change it with a strong reason "why". I think the biggest thing is to realize that you got yourself there so you can bring yourself out. Great post again, it makes me think that " I can, I will, and I must".

Yay! I love your takeaways.

Great Tiffany! Love your fighting spirit👍❤️

Thanks Sofus!

Thanks, Tiffany I'm changing my thoughts from I can't to I can!

Yay! Let’s do this.

I needed to see this post today. I feel that rage every time I think about my kids needing to take out loans to attend college, I don't want them starting their adult life in debt. Powerful message!

Take that rage out on your business! It works wonders. That fuel can be so powerful to drive your focus.

Motivational posting. thank you.
PS My national currency is called ,,lion"

That's cool that's your national currency. Interesting. You're welcome. I hope the best for your business.

Thank you Tiffany. I hope too lol
All the best to you

Wow so true.

High 5!

TDomena, you re on point, this too I can ID may self in. I do have a lot a draw back when I am being challenge with something, or study's I am not grasping.

Money is also one of my big hardship, yet, in this business of WA the investment is so small, yet I am still struggling. for instant the price of my own domain. I do have two domain that I am paying monthly for but they are not .com, they are .ws nothing close to my niche. Anyway I will find my way around this issue.

Sorry I stray away from your article, Just wanted you to know I have well in-tune with your comment.

Blessing to you and your success with WA.

Blessings to you also. I hope to see your business blow up...in a positive way that is.

Yaaassss! I don't want to reduce my lifestyle, I want to increase my income for an even better lifestyle!

I like your idea of adding a date to when you will be able to afford something. It gives you something to work toward and gives that focus that's needed to get there.

Love it!

- Christina

High 5 Christina! Sometimes, I hear you and I hear myself at the same time. It's why I can be hard on you at times. Let's get bigger not smaller. Expand not constrict and when we know something will help us, let's go for it without reservations.

I'm totally with you!

- Christina

I'm not insensitive. I just want people to break free, so sometimes, I come off like that. I'm glad you get it. Sometimes, I know I have to look insensitive to send the message.

I don't think you're insensitive at all. You come off as very caring. I genuinely appreciate it.

- Christina

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. I don't want to come off insensitive.

"I've lived below my means even when my means went down below where I ever wanted to go, and it wasn't fun. I had to eliminate alot of things. My family and relationships were more strained, and overall, my life wasn't very happy. I decided that philosophy to live below my means doesn't work!"


This is totally me right now lol. My mom came over to visit and she was shocked at how empty my apt. was. It's actually quite liberating selling crap you never use, but it was out of necessity rather than choice. Still, I find myself wanting to get rid of more and more.

I want to hear more stories where people were at rock bottom and didn't give up while they re-built a business that tanked. Eddy had a blurb about his experience on one of his blogs which was really powerful to me, but I rarely see that here. But you're right, it doesn't work. It just leaves you feeling horrible day after day and struggling sometimes to even get up out of bed.

I think it was DomW who talked about that. Where you log in and just feel so depressed haha. Whatever happened to him? I searched his name and can't find him.

He changed the name on his profile to Byron or something like that. Not sure why but that's the answer. He still seems to engage under that name.

I'm sorry to hear that you're going thru that. My situation of where my income went rock bottom was the result of a series of things. I put my son in private school at 3 expecting he'd be accelerated in his learning, they taught cursive before print, we had challenges with the teacher once he got to kinder, I switched him schools, and he didn't know how to read print.

The 2nd school wanted to hold him back twice and I decided to separate the military and homeschool so he could get the attention he needed. At that time, my husband had a startup construction company and we had to GRIND. Our means went down drastically from my military pay into the startup, but we fixed it.

I'd love to encourage you sometime. Maybe we can collaborate on something about the dark side of business and how to break out?


Lol yeah I remember reading a post by him where he talked about making 10k in one month and paying off his student loan debt all at once haha. I'm like dude what am I missing here? Lmao. Could you link to his profile I typed in Byron and like 10 dudes popped up but none of them were him :P

I'm sorry to hear about that with your son but glad you're pushing through it. That's all we can do, right?

Yeah it can be frustrating at times where you just want to scream but I continue to plug away. I don't even know how. It's mostly because I'm extremely passionate and love what I'm doing so there's that. I think that's one of the most important things I could ever impart to someone who's new here. Make sure you're into your niche or the burnouts will become flame outs. Like for forever. Lol.

One of the only things keeping me going is positive feedback on my Youtube channel, and the fact that I know my work is of the highest quality that I'm capable of. It's not a brag but I'm confident in my abilities. It's just I got smacked by Google's Algorithm and it sucks and it's been so hard to recover. I'm doing nearly everything I know how to do or should do and it seems like it doesn't matter. When you're in a rut you're just in one and it feels like the needle won't move at all. It's scary to think it took Eddy 4 years to recover but he did get hit with a penalty IIRC.

I'm probably going to start working on a huge post for this year since I didn't last year because I was so depressed haha. The dropoff is kind of extreme but I still have traffic to work with. It's just been stagnant since last September.

Anyhow, that would be cool. I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate it into my blog or we could just use yours since mine is more focused on studio equipment.

Here is the link to Dom's profile: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bryonbrewer
Let's do it on Youtube. I think it wouldn't be in the studio equipment niche. Hahaha. PM me and let's set up a time/date.

That's crazy he looks way different from his original pic under DomW. Do you remember that pic? Am I going crazy? Lol I think I'm just going to go through and read every single one of his blogs. Looks like a goldmine.

Maybe I'm thinking of someone else. Lol I can't find that 10k blog. This is driving me nuts haha.

I just PM'd him XD Bro are you DomW?!?! THE DomW?! haha i didn't say that.

You are so right! Go for it!

You too!

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