My First $10K from Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Last Update: December 30, 2019

I've been reviewing my results to prepare for the New Year. I like to look at what worked and what didn't work for me throughout the year, and make plans around that.

Today, I decided to get back into my practice of publishing video case studies for you guys. My last few weren't big hits so I didn't publish more for two months. Hopefully, you guys like this one and it gives you good insight into what things you can either look forward to or look back on (depending on where you are in your journey).

While reviewing my results, I realized I made my first $10K from Wealthy Affiliate commissions this year. My income didn't really start picking up and getting beyond the $1k mark until June. As a result, I feel pretty confident that I can expect to double, triple, or even quadruple my results.

Could I Make Money Quicker?

For sure,but I'm not just looking for quick growth. I'm looking for fulfilling and stable growth. I want to build an income that is stable and doesn't have lots of spikes and roller coasters. I know I could sell more "high ticket" courses and things to spike my revenue, but I also know many of those come along with cons too.

I know my income here will compound and translate into lots of other opportunities going forward so I look at my business with excitement. I'm proud of the results I've had despite all of the adversity I've experienced over the last 22 months (because I've had lots).

Of all the affiliate programs I've made commissions from (high and low ticket), I love the Wealthy Affiliate one. I love it because it makes stable money because it's a recurring revenue, but I REALLY love helping people start online businesses and become better affiliates. It's been very fulfilling for me.

It's nice to say I earned $10K and I enjoyed what I was doing to earn it. I've earned more from other places (jobs and otherwise) and didn't enjoy what I did to earn it. I want money and fulfillment at this point in my life. I get the most fulfillment from using my skills to help others and I feel that connection here.

There are other affiliate programs I really love and I'll be amplifying my results from my favorite affiliate programs in 2020.

Then vs. Now

Now, I'm more knowledgeable than I was in January 2019, so January 2020, I should be taking actions with much more clarity than before.

2018 was my year of learning. I didn't know affiliate marketing and so I couldn't expect to earn alot from it. I understood the basics that affiliate marketing meant "selling other people's products on my website" and yada-yada, but in practice, I knew nothing.

This is truly a career. In any other career path, you can't expect to earn lots in your first year. Affiliate marketing and online business really isn't much different in that regard. In a brick and mortar business, you definitely wouldn't expect to earn alot in your first year. In fact, you'd expect to invest alot. Profit usually takes 3-4 years and I'm able to forecast profit already!

You'll see in my video case study.

I had to learn search engine optimization in theory and in practice. I had to write lots of words and see what ranked for me and what didn't. The first year was throwing darts and seeing what stuck.

The second year, I had more precision. I knew more about what worked and what didn't so I got results. I earned $10K from WA and more from other affiliate programs, but I wasn't that sharp with my bookkeeping until October-November timeframe.

My 2020 Goals

Next year, I want to take the skills I learned from this year and amplify. I want to take the affiliate programs I'm earning from and expand the results as big as they'll go.

I don't want to start a bunch of "new" things bext year because you don't make a lot of money from experimentation. The experimentation is fun because you're constantly trying something new and learning, but the consistency and amplifying what's working is really what makes the money--it's not as glamourous and "fun, but it works. The consistent entrepreneurs who prevail past obstacles and other things are the ones that win.

Here is my 22nd Month Video Case Study where I share my income growth, traffic, and learning lessons. It's super personal, but I wanted to be transparent for the sake of helping your business to grow. Hopefully you get lots of value from it!

You can check out my 22nd month income report and case study here.

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HenryPing Premium
Wow is awesome to have your biggest win sharing to us .Thank you for sharing your experience working on and generate your income goal is so inspiring and motivating.👏✌😊👍👌😁👍👍👍👍Your passion and energy is what makes you hunger for more success.We are modelling your success and advise.Great work.All the more success and big income to come.Cheers for us to your victory..adious...
TDenise Premium
Thanks Henry! Best wishes for your success as well.
JustAPerson Premium
Awesome! You are truly building a business. Very cool to see you are moving into creating your own products.

Rarely ever see content like this here. I find this much more interesting than just building a niche authority site (seems kind of boring to me lol). But using the site as a base to develop into products (and maybe a coaching program later) is fantastic imo.

Hope 2020 it all skyrockets for you!
TDenise Premium
Thanks! This is a base for much more for me.
Debs66 Premium
This is awesome Tiffany.
I haven't been in W.A. as much as I have been busy but I am definitely going to take some time out to go through your training videos. Thank you for all the help you share.
Have an Awesome New Year Tiffany! :)✨🥂✨🥂✨
Debs :)
TDenise Premium
Debs...busy? Hahaha. J/k. That's great Debs. Hopefully things are going very well for you. It's good to see you pop in from time to time.
Defiant6 Premium
Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! You are doing exactly what I'm wanting to do which is make an income here from the commissions of Wealthy Affiliate. I'm definitely in the learning and building phase still (probably longer than I should), but I have a renewed focus as the website I'm focusing on now, I can promote Wealthy Affiliate on. The problem before is I was focusing on two websites and I had started losing very much interest in my first website and in the niche I initially chose for it. I also now realize I should've focused on only one website and made that one successful first before jumping into a second website. Now that I have a focus and goals I want to reach, it's time to make that happen.

You've shown that it is definitely possible to make a great income here from Wealthy Affiliate and that is definitely my goal. I'm very happy to hear of your success and look forward to hearing more of your continued success as well as new things that you'll learn. I will definitely check out your case study video.
TDenise Premium
I did the same thing! I started several websites when I first got here (like or so), then after publishing and distributing my energy all over the place, I realized, I wasn't getting anywhere very fast. After 6 months of being all over the place, I scaled down to one site.

It's definitely possible. My video is much more detailed than this post. Hopefully, it gives you great ideas.
Mirzy7 Premium
Thank you for sharing with us Tiffany and being so transparent! I really enjoyed watching your video!

I've been a WA premium member for 3 months now. The community here is amazing because of people like you who care to share your experiences with all of us!

I'm so happy that you're doing so well! All your hard work is paying off and you deserve it!

You're a true inspiration and I look forward to learning more from you as we all grow!

Happy New Year to you and your family😊❤🍾

All the best to you😊❤

P.s. I will be checking out your utube channel and subscribe!

TDenise Premium
Awww! Thanks so much for your feedback on the video and for your kind words Miranda! I hope you have a great year as well. I couldn't agree more about how great this community is.
Mirzy7 Premium