Need some help with a page title appearance on Google

Last Update: February 13, 2014

Hello everyone.. I really need some help since I have spent hours to find an answer myself and got stacked at this point. When I search for my pages content on Google, it always appears with a phrase : %blog title%.

Please see example below: Holistic allergy treatment – Does It Really Work? - %blog title%

When I search for my post content, it does not have this phrase: %blog title%. Does anybody know what should I change in Wordpress in order not see this phrase anymore. Thank you very much, Tanya

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TanyaCHA Premium
I checked again the WA training. I set up everything correctly. But I still cannot find out the cause of my problem. I hoped somebody at WA community can help me. It is probably simple but I just cannot find the place to change it. It is frustrating..
KatieMac Premium
I am not sure quite new not had this happen see that you got some answers wish you well with everything
KD6PAO Premium
Good answers for you....
DoubleTap Premium
Tanya, did you check the permalink on your post edit page?
msdj8163 Premium
It has to do with your SEO pluggin set up. Here is a video that explains it