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Since last night I started seeing so many changes in ranking for all my sites. Some pages and posts went down from the 1st page to the 2nd or even 3rd just in minutes and a few got up to the 1st page. I keep seeing different changes all day today as well. I have never seen anything like that since 2014 when I staretd my affiliate marketing journe. So, I goggled and found out that on July 21-22, 2018 there was at least one major algorithm update, and possibly two. Google updated their Qualit
I read an interesting post “Is article marketing dead?” at the Charlie Page ( this morning. One of the ideas Charlie talked about was syndication. Syndication means having your article appear on many sites. He says that many worry about Google’s duplicate content penalty too much. There are many famous journalists publish their article on many websites. Charlie says: “Look for places to syndicate your content. When you find them submit yo
Hello everyone.. I really need some help since I have spent hours to find an answer myself and got stacked at this point. When I search for my pages content on Google, it always appears with a phrase : %blog title%. Please see example below: Holistic allergy treatment – Does It Really Work? - %blog title% When I search for my post content, it does not have this phrase: %blog title%. Does anybody know what should I change in Wordpress in order not see this phrase anymore. Thank you very much
Reading this amazing story about an imaginative photographer Joel Robison inspired me to write a new post this morning. You can read his story and see his photos here: I truly admire his work. I wish I could use his photos in my posts. I am pretty sure that Joel Robison was different from other kids since he was a little boy. Luckily his talents and imagination were not suppressed by standard school program
I would like to share with everybody the exciting news that my website is on the page 1 of Google and number 4 on the page 1 of Yahoo. I used the proper way of checking the rank. I opened a new incognito window and typed my main key words. I have been watching how my website slow climbed on the Google from 5th page to the 1st for 2 months. But I could not even find my website in Yahoo using my key words. Today I got my Christmas present finding my website on the 1s